• D23 Expo Recap: Day 1
    D23 Expo Recap: Day 1

    Friday, August 19 was opening day of the D23 Expo (I’m working under the assumption that you are familiar with D23) and it kicked off with a bang. Or a mouse, as the case may be. It always starts with a mouse. While the expo was open to the general…

  • Disney Legends honored at D23 Expo
    Disney Legends honored at D23 Expo

    By all accounts the Friday 2011 Disney Legends ceremony was the emotional highlight of the D23 Expo. From four princess voices on stage singing together, to the family of Guy Williams, and a duet between Kermit The Frog and Rowlf the Dog to honor Jim Henson, there was not a…

  • D23 Expo Begins!
    D23 Expo Begins!

    Update: Check out this Imagineering video recorded by Orlando Attractions Magazine. It shows some of the development that went into the Dwarf’s Mine Ride coming (we hope) to Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland expansion: Two videos have been released before the Expo floor opens up this morning. A lot of great stuff…

  • D23 Expo sounds like fun
    D23 Expo sounds like fun

    To be honest, I’m not a big fan of D23. I think a fan club is the sort of stuff Disney should be doing for free. To tie some sort of merchandising to a Disney club cheapens the experience. That said everyone I spoke with who attended last year’s D23,…

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