• SeaWorld Orlando Baby Otters
    SeaWorld Orlando Baby Otters

    I’m a big fan of Otters. Their playful ways make me laugh and frankly they’re cute. But these newborn Asian small-clawed otters set a new record for cuteness. SeaWorld Orlando animal trainers have their hands on four oh so cute baby Asian small-clawed otters. Born just three weeks ago to…

  • Wall-E Bento!
    Wall-E Bento!

    Wall-E Bento! Extra cute WALL-E Bento Box. No offense Mom, but my school lunches were never like this. More great Bento box lunches at annathered.

  • Wall-e News and Updates
    Wall-e News and Updates

    Some quick news from the world of Pixar’s WALL-E. Some preview screenings are happening tonight. So look for more early reviews to trickle out tomorrow. The early buzz is very good so far. A website is up with a demo of the Playstation WALL-E game. The Scotsman has a wide…

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