• [Video] Traci Hines is Sleeping Beauty

    We’re excited to see a new original song and music video from Disney cosplay artist Traci Hines. Inspired by the animated Disney Classic “Sleeping Beauty,” Hines mixes Aurora and Maleficent to find a deep personal meaning in the legend along with a great pop sensibility. Hines enlisted the talents of…

  • Disney’s Little Mermaid – Ariel Makeup Tutorial

    Want to upgrade your Disney CosPlay fun? Who better to get a Little Mermaid makeup tutorial from then the best Ariel CosPlay performer in the business. Traci Hines has been obsessed with Disney’s The Little Mermaid since she first saw the animated feature at the age of 4. It inspired…

  • D23 Expo – Disney Fan Cosplay Gallery #3

    If you saw the Tsum Tsum Dress from Whit Honea’s Gallery we posted on Tuesday, then you probably wondered how it was made. It was actually not made by a Disney fan, but rather from the talented team at the Disney store. Here’s creative lead Gabby Zapata and Costume Designer…

  • Cosplay at D23 Expo – Day 1 Gallery

    Yesterday Whit shared with us some of his favorite Cosplay costumes from D23 Expo in his photo gallery. Those were amazing for sure, but there was a lot more Cosplay than just the few characters Whit found. Today we’re sharing another even bigger gallery of great costumes and characters from…

  • Cosplay at D23 Expo – Whit’s Gallery

    Cosplay is a portmanteau of the words costume and play. What brand is more associated with those ideas than Disney? That’s part of what makes the D23 Expo such a great place to spot Disney fans dressing up as their favorite Disney related characters. Author, blogger, and frequent writer on…

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