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Fake Disney Theme Park in China forced to Close

Update: Mea Culpa. This article is 4 years old. I didn’t noticed the 2007 date on the story. That’s what I get for writing a post after midnight. I’ve updated the story to reflect the fact that this Cinderella Castle … Continue reading

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Marvel/Disney Sue Kirby Heirs to Quash Claims

The Walt Disney Company, through it’s new subsidiary Marvel Entertainment, has sued the heirs of Marvel artist Jack Kirby to quash their copyright claims to the characters co-created by Kirby while he worked at Marvel. The federal lawsuit filed Friday … Continue reading

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Court gives Pooh to Disney and ends lawsuit

In what is likely the final bars of the opera that has been the Slesinger’s families legal battle against the Walt Disney Company over the rights to the Winnie The Pooh characters, the courts have decided that Disney owns the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

You go Mickey. When I’m your age, I want to look as young as you do today. These last 80 years have been quite transformative for you. You’ve gone from a sweet and unpretentious little rascal to a modern day … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Copyright Mystery

For its vigorous pursuit of copyright extension and trademark protection the Walt Disney Company is often made to be the villain in the war for freedom of expression and artistic expression. I obviously have a dog, or two, in this … Continue reading

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