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  • Figment and Dreamfinder to get their own Comic Book
    Figment and Dreamfinder to get their own Comic Book

    I have been very curious to see where the Disney Kingdoms comic line goes after their trip to the Museum of the Weird. Marvel has announced, with one little spark of inspiration, that they will be taking a journey into imagination with their next five-issue story starring Figment (ok, bad…

  • Iron Man 3 Trailer
    Ireon Man 3

    Also viewable on Apple’s trailer site. That’s the UK trailer above, which has April 2013 as the opening date, the US trailer maintains it will have a May 2013 opening. Sooner is better in my book. My initial thoughts are that Tony Stark is pulling a bit of a Bruce…

  • Rocketeer to get Reboot?
    Rocketeer to get Reboot?

    Disney fans may only know The Rocketeer from the 1991 film starring Billy Campbell, Timothy Dalton, and Jennifer Connolly. Disney had high hopes for a series, but the film failed to ignite at the box office. The movie has developed a bit of a cult following since then, especially since…

  • The Rocketeer – Blu-ray DVD Review
    The Rocketeer – Blu-ray DVD Review

    I am loathe to recommend any home video, dvd, or blu-ray release without at least a few decent special features. The 20th Anniversary Edition of The Rocketeer just barely qualifies as it has only one special feature, a not very good copy of the original theatrical trailer. But what they’ve…

  • Marvel X-Men DVD Giveaway
    Marvel X-Men DVD Giveaway

    On April 28th Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment releases MARVEL X-MEN: Volumes 1 & 2 on DVD! For the first time, all 32 episodes of animated TV-series will be available! Discover the origins of your favorite X-Men characters with stories adapted directly from the original comic books. Disney came to…

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