• “Cristela” Review
    “Cristela” Review

    The final new show of ABC’s fall season premiered last Friday, Cristela, which premiered to the second largest audience a new comedy has had this fall and a 1.3 rating, which increased from its lead-in by a tenth. Now, let me give you a quick review to see if it’s…

  • Epic Princess Rap Battle: Snow White vs Queen Elsa Throw Down
    Epic Princess Rap Battle: Snow White vs Queen Elsa Throw Down

    It’s time for an epic episode of Friday fun. Comedy star Whitney Avalon is out with another YouTube video skit and this one is an instant classic – A Princess Rap Battle between Snow White and Queen Elsa. Disney’s original princess throws down with Disney’s most recent and the results…

  • Joan Rivers 1933-2014
    Joan Rivers 1933-2014

    Was she a Disney legend? No, she isn’t absolutely known for one specific role in the world of Disney, but she did have quite a few credits with the Disney company. Her TV movie that she wrote, “The Girl Most Likely To…”, aired on ABC in the 1970’s, she guest…

  • Watch first episode of Selfie right now
    Watch first episode of Selfie right now

    Selfie, will debut on ABC on Sept. 30, but you can watch the first epsiode of the new sitcom on Hulu right now. The show is about a self-possessed social media star and is loosely modeled on “My Fair Lady.” Watch now, then tell your friends to watch too. Selfie…

  • ABC Mid-Season Preview: “Mixology”
    ABC Mid-Season Preview: “Mixology”

    With a new year comes new TV, or phase 2 of the TV season for the major four networks. As the ABC obsessed person that I am, I had the opportunity to check these new shows out early to give you my thoughts on what to watch and what to…

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