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NBCUniversal to Buyout Blackstone Group’s half of Universal Orlando Resort

In a move that would put the two domestic Universal Studios theme parks back on the same track and under unified ownership, Comcast owned NBCUniversal has opted to agree to the Blackstone Group’s offer to sell their half of the … Continue reading

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Comcast one step closer to buying NBC Universal

A few years ago Comcast launched an ill fated attempt to take over The Walt Disney Company. Fortunately that fell through and the mouse was safe from outside influences. Well, it’s taken them a few years, but they have a … Continue reading

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Update on Comcast’s Idea to Deliver New Movies Along With Cinemas

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Comcast vs. Cinemas

Yinka Adegoke of Reuters reports that cable company Comcast wants to show movies to homes the same day they are released in the cinema.  Disney President Bob Iger and others have previously thrown around the idea of simultaneously releasing movies … Continue reading

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