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  • Magic Kingdom Construction Update
    Magic Kingdom Construction Update

    Wife took the kiddo to the Magic Kingdom for a haircut with Michal today and, of course, they snuck in a few attractions. While strolling around she snapped a few pics of some construction at the park. The Crystal Palace is undergoing a major refurbishment. From the skylights to the…

  • Hidden Gems: Mosaic Art at Disney?
    Hidden Gems: Mosaic Art at Disney?

    The Contemporary Mosaic Art Gallery blogs about a beautiful piece that thousands of Guests see at the Magic Kingdom every day. Here it is: Of course, the art gallery sees a beautiful rabbit, I immediately see the three green circles toward the bottom and think “Oh look! A Hidden Mickey!”…

  • Gone Fishin!!!
    Gone Fishin!!!

    Growing up the daughter of an Imagineer must have some perks. Amazingly my mom never talked much about any perks. She did mention that she liked to go fishing along the Rivers of America. Yep. I had to look it up in The Nickel Tour, but there was fishing. They…

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