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  • Monsters University Concept Art
    Monsters University Concept Art

    Yesterday we saw the first trailer for Monsters University, the next film from Pixar following Brave. Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters Inc and will take Mike & Sulley back to their college years. Disney has released some concept art and images from that trailer which show the rich…

  • Brave Clip – ‘Potion’ Witch Scene
    Brave Clip – ‘Potion’ Witch Scene

    Warning, spoilers for Pixar’s Brave are below For all the secrecy Disney marketing built up around the Witch character, it turns out she’s not all that involved in the majority of the film. Yes, she provides an important twist to the plot, and some much needed humor after a serious…

  • New Clip From Pixar’s Brave – The Suitors
    New Clip From Pixar’s Brave – The Suitors

    Disney*Pixar has released the latest clip from its upcoming film “Brave.” In it the three clans present the suitors for Princess Merida’s hand. Definitely like this segment (even though we’ve already seen much of it). But I’m still interested in more behind the scenes sort of materials. How about you?

  • Brave Stories – Merida
    Brave Stories – Merida

    A new trailer from Pixar tells the story of Merida, the fiery redhead who is at the center of the animated feature Brave. There’s definitely some new footage in this clip, plus we get to learn more about Princess Merida. So far I like what I see, you?

  • Brave Trailer Shows Two Minutes of Film
    Brave Trailer Shows Two Minutes of Film

    Hello! A new poster last night and then a brand new trailer this morning. I told you things were starting to pickup for Pixar’s Brave. This trailer contains about 2 minutes of footage from one scene in the movie. What did you think? Can June 22nd get here fast enough?

  • Happy Birthday to Pixar’s Luxo Jr.
    Happy Birthday to Pixar’s Luxo Jr.

    It was all started by a Lamp… Things got a little busy yesterday and I forgot I had this story to tell. The lamp that launched an Animation Studio premiered for the first time twenty-five years ago yesterday. August 17th, 1986 the short film “Luxo, Jr.” was one of the…

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