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  • The Park: Disneyland, Anaheim, 1959
    Linda's in the shades looking so cool.

    Editors Note: Please welcome my Aunt Linda as a new guest author. I’ve known her my whole life and she and my Aunt Dorothea played a key role in nurturing my love of Disneyland (although they probably regret it now). We’ve discussed her experiences at Disneyland from time to time…

  • One Killed in Backstage Roads Crash
    One Killed in Backstage Roads Crash

    Walt Disney World is a¬†gigantic¬†place at nearly 27,000 acres. While guests are allowed to travel through many of the areas, there are a few areas where only official vehicles and cast members are supposed to drive. One of these is Bear Island Road which goes from the Magic Kingdom area…

  • Urban Explorers Share Walt Disney World Adventures
    backstage at the magic kingdom

    A Florida news channel interviewed three urban explorers who have ventured into cast member only areas of Walt Disney World, sharing those adventures with other urban explorers via Youtube: Obviously, I do not support nor recommend this illegal trespassing. Anyone who does that risks arrest and banishment from Disney property….

  • Disneyland Names 2013 Ambassadors
    Disneyland Resort Ambassador Team

    To become a Disneyland Ambassador is a great honor for any cast member. It’s a tradition that goes back to 1965 when Walt Disney himself selected the first Ambassador, Julie Reihm, to help with community awareness and media interviews. The ambassador represents the 23,000 other cast members and the resort…

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