• Meet Tangled’s Animators
    Meet Tangled’s Animators

    If you’re reading this right now, I hope you’ll take 6 minutes and change to view this video that spends a little time introducing the faces behind the animators who brought us Disney’s Tangled. Some of the talented crew at Walt Disney Animation Studios spend hours toiling in front of…

  • King of the Elves in question?
    King of the Elves in question?

    Philip K. Dick is best known for his science fiction writing. But he did dabble once in the fantasy genre. The result was “King of the Elves”, which Disney announced would be one of their 2012 animated feature releases. Slashfilm just ran a story that the movie has been canned…

  • Report from an early screening of Pixar’s “Up”
    Report from an early screening of Pixar’s “Up”

    One of the benefits of living in Burbank I loved was that I was often able to sneak in on a film screening where the studio involved wants to test the current version of the film with a live audience. Apparently this happens wherever Larry Fire lives too. He lucked…

  • DisneyAnimation.com

    The Walt Disney Animation Studios has a brand new website with a classic, retro feeling look and simple interface. There is very little going on here except a way to highlight their current projects and give some information to prospective animators about how to join the team. I like it…

  • WALL-E, Real, Live, and in person???
    WALL-E, Real, Live, and in person???

    DSC_0860. Originally uploaded by cuehefnerr Update: Sigh. These photos have been removed too. The photos may have been removed from that other blog, but flickr user cuehefnerr has uploaded a few into this Flickr Set. He’s a cute little fellow in real life, isn’t he. These photos show WALL-E at…

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