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  • Surrogates: Interview with a Doll
    Surrogates: Interview with a Doll

    Surrogates takes place in a world where people stay at home and let their doll like robots go out and interact on their behalf. Even the police. Radha Mitchell places a detective who is paired with Bruce Willis when a huge mystery falls on their laps. With the Surrogates Blu-ray…

  • Surrogates – DVD Review
    Surrogates – DVD Review

    There are many reasons to add Surrogates to your DVD collection. Among them are: you’re a Bruce Willis completeist, you like a good film noir and sci-fi doesn’t turn you off, you’re an all-the-humans-are-robots-except-for-the-protagonist-completeist, or, perhaps, you just like science fiction thrillers. Surrogates qualifies for all those reasons. Even though…

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