• Princess Superheroes
    Princess Superheroes

    Brodie is a illustrator, comedy writer, and Disney fan. He runs the excellent tribute site Brodie has decided to take on Disney’s Princess divas and re-imagine them as superheroes drawing inspiration from super-fashions of around the same time their animated movies came out. The result, excellent covers like these:…

  • LOST Fan Fun: Terry O’Quinn is Locke
    LOST Fan Fun: Terry O’Quinn is Locke

    Check out this clever fan creation. A LOST themed poster from Olly Moss on sale here. This appears to part of a project from show producer Damon Carlton. There will be 16 artist creations. Less than 200 of each are available to the public. (via Super Punch)

  • Disneyland Sketches
    Disneyland Sketches

    Geoff Carter of Your Souvenir Guide pointed out this beautiful sketch above from his friend Sean Jones. He’s posting some sketches of Disneyland on facebook in anticipation of a family vacation he’ll soon be taking. I can’t wait to see more.

  • Disneyland Sculpted Puzzle Map by Terri Hardin
    Disneyland Sculpted Puzzle Map by Terri Hardin

    Disneyland Mural Originally uploaded to flickr by ChrisDotson A link to this photo floated across my twitter stream just a few minutes ago. I wondered @ChrisDotson was talking about the very rare 25 piece limited edition Terri Hardin Sculpted Disneyland Puzzle Map. Indeed that’s exactly what it is. This Puzzle…

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