• Bob Iger Joins Apple’s Board of Directors
    Bob Iger Joins Apple’s Board of Directors

    Today, Apple named a new Chairman of the Board. Arthur D. Levinson will take over as Chairman, having served on the board since 2005. In Disney-related news, Bob Iger (President and CEO of The Walt Disney Company) was also named today as a new member of Apple’s Board of Directors. This…

  • Steve Jobs, founded Pixar and Apple, Dead at 56
    Steve Jobs, founded Pixar and Apple, Dead at 56

    Many people will write better tributes to Steve than I can here. They’ll mention how he invented personal computing, built Apple from the ground up, twice, and started a revolution in computer animation by having the vision to see something special in the team at Pixar. I just want to…

  • Should Apple buy Disney?
    Should Apple buy Disney?

    Marketwatch commentator Conor Sen makes an interesting proposal, Steve Jobs should take Apple’s massive cash holdings and purchase The Walt Disney Company. What should it buy? Increasingly, Apple is moving away from computing and toward the intersection of computing, communications, and media delivery. That’s Steve Job’s vision of a post-PC…

  • Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray
    Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray

    Disney’s Diamond Collection continues to grow with the addition of Walt Disney’s Bambi. Like its predecessors in the collection, Bambi is being sold in a combo pack that includes the film on both Blu-ray Disc (BD) and DVD. I’m going to have to stop writing reviews of Disney Blu-rays because…

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