• Disney’s Zootopia taps into Millennial Marketing Playbook

    Millennials, they’re the age group every advertiser covets. Getting them to buy your product or watch your movie can make the difference between breaking even or hitting the box office jackpot. For its upcoming animated feature “Zootopia,” Disney has been trying to appeal to Millennials by creating marketing pieces that…

  • Celebrity Spotting: Jason Bateman at Walt Disney World

    Jason Bateman is one of those actors who people used to say ‘what happenend to that guy,’ but as it turns out, he was there all along. Doing journeyman parts in a steady stream of TV shows and movies until his parts in Hancock and Arrested Development brought his work…

  • Disney’s Zootopia Premiere featured a Wild Red Carpet

    “Zootopia” is Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 55th animated feature and last night it had a Hollywood Premiere worthy of Disney’s animation legacy. In front of a huge Zootopia themed red-carpet, VIPs including filmmakers, voice cast, and special guests walked the red carpet leading to the El Capitan Theatre. Attendees were…

  • Disney’s Zootopia – Early Reviews Are In

    With Disney’s latest animated feature Zootopia opening up in a handful of European countries this weekend, we’re starting to see early reviews of the film. For the most part, they’re positive, even glowing. The Hollywood Reporter says Zootopia is smartly amusing, crisply relevant, and wildly entertaining. While Variety declares it…

  • Valentine’s Day Treat from Disney’s Zootopia
    Valentine’s Day Treat from Disney’s Zootopia

    The fine folks at Walt Disney Animation Studios have prepared a special Valentine’s Day trailer featuring the love-crazy animals of the upcoming feature film “Zootopia.” In this sweet treat, they remind us “Don’t forget to spoil your special some-bunny this Valentine’s Day!” Movie Synopsis: The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia…

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