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One Sheet and Release Date for “John Carter” revealed

The One-Sheet and release date for Disney’s John Carter was released today. Odd that the initials on the poster are clearly J C M as in John Carter of Mars, the name of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel this film … Continue reading

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Can the Pixar Magic transfer to Live Action

Ben Child asks a very intriguing question: Does the idea of Pixar – or rather, Pixar’s people – moving into live action appeal to you? And do you expect to see Stanton thrive in his new arena, or struggle to … Continue reading

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Stanton denies WALL-E is an environmental allegory

The NY Times visits with WALL-E Director Andrew Stanton. In it Stanton denies that he created WALL-E as an allegory for our abuse of the planet. “I was writing this thing so long ago, how could I have known what’s … Continue reading

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Pixar News Roundup – WALL-E just one week away

Lead Character Animator Agnus MacLane reveals what went into designing the robots WALL-E and EVE over on Variety. Good stuff. O-Meon reveals that Disney.com will be getting a WALL-E makeover beginning this Tuesday. Disney.com has over 25 million visitors a … Continue reading

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New WALL-E featurette from Pixar

Pixar has released a new featurette in advance of WALL-E’s June 26th release called “The Man and the Machine.” It’s another great look at director Andrew Stanton and his vision for the film. There are a few moments that might … Continue reading

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