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Cypress Gardens to open on Fridays for just $10 in October

By cutting prices for admission on Fridays in September Cypress Gardens actually improved attendance to the point where they had the most successful weekend in a long time. So they’re going to do it again in October. “We realize that … Continue reading

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Cypress Gardens to switch to weekends only

This weekend the Orlando Sentinel ran a long piece on experts opining about potential softness in the tourism market for central Florida. In short, things are softening, but so far, it’s not as bad as some thought. Major players like … Continue reading

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Recent Photos from inside Neverland Ranch

Jonathan Haeber was able to get inside Neverland Ranch earlier this month and take some beautiful night time photos. Pop Star Michael Jackson’s tribute to Disneyland is rumored to be on the auction block (there are conflicting news stories on … Continue reading

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No Missouri Themepark for Disney!

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Land for rumored new themepark now up for sale in Kissimmee

I drove by the site for the rumored “Paidia” themepark yesterday and noticed that a for sale sign for 458 acres is now erected on the property. That’s sad, but it’s probably another example of Katrina’s affects. The original investors … Continue reading

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