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  • Theme park attendance numbers for 2015 released by TEA

    Thanks to the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) we have our 10th year of accurate theme park growth trends and analysis. The latest report covers the theme park industry in 2015 including estimated attendance figures for the top parks. Estimated since most theme parks don’t report their attendance numbers publicly. Top…

  • IAAPA Expo – An Amusement Park Fan Favorite
    IAAPA Expo – An Amusement Park Fan Favorite

    IAAPA, the international organization for amusement parks and theme parks, held its annual convention last week in Orlando. Always a glitzy affair the IAAPA Expo is actually open to the public, but admission costs are steep (well over $100/person) and it’s primarily a trade show, not a traveling carnival. That…

  • A Hair Raising Analogy
    A Hair Raising Analogy

    Imagine you’re going out to your favorite Italian restaurant where you got engaged, had your wedding reception, and now eat every Sunday with friends and family for a lovely Prix-fix meal. There’s the roving accordion player, the bottles of imported Chianti on every table, and the pasta with home-made meat…

  • Wonderland – China’s Magic Kingdom Ghost Park
    Wonderland – China’s Magic Kingdom Ghost Park

    If Disney has any concerns about the viability of its theme parks in China, you need look no further than Wonderland. Construction on Wonderland, located outside of Beijing, started in 1998 but was never finished. Instead all that’s left is a shell of a Magic Kingdom style theme park. Videographer…

  • Some Insight into Themepark Ticketing
    Some Insight into Themepark Ticketing

    While we all wait for official news of Blackstone’s purchase of Busch Entertainment’s parks, including Sea World and Busch Gardens, here’s a fascinating bit of insight into how big theme parks do their ticketing from someone who has helped Disney manage its strategy. If an attraction has not placed a…

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