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‘Alice in Wonderland’ | My review

Down with the bloody Red Queen! Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland (opening in theatres today) is one of the best live-action releases from Walt Disney Pictures in years. This dark, grown-up ‘Alice’, a hybrid sequel/retelling of the stories by … Continue reading

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The Morning Report, return of

Heh. Well the weekend activities have finally faded into the past and I think I’ve caught up on my sleep. Now, if I could get this cold to go away, all would be swell. In the mean time, here are … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland Video Games coming soon

Disney Interactive has released some some screenshots and video trailers for its upcoming video games based on the Tim Burton film “Alice In Wonderland”. There is a Wii Version and a Nintendo DS version. They hit stores March 6th, but … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland to shrink Box Office Window

Via the NY Times we get this story about how Bob Iger and the Walt Disney Studios are looking to experiment with shorter in-theater times for its movies, which in theory will lead to bigger bucks in alternate methods of … Continue reading

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Alice In Wonderland’s 3D Problem

Can Disney’s Alice In Wonderland slay the Blue beast that is Avatar? We’re going to find out in about 3 weeks. But first, it will have to push the popular film from its perch inside the various IMAX an 3D … Continue reading

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