• Dean Jones sings Sondheim
    Dean Jones sings Sondheim

    All these years I’ve been listening to the Original Broadway Recording of Stephen Sondheim’s “Company” I never made the Disney connection. Turns out Dean Jones, who performed in Disney films such as “The Love Bug” and “That Darn Cat”, originated the role of Robert. Jones ended up departing the performance…

  • Castle Star Nathan Fillion tests new Electric Vehicle
    Castle Star Nathan Fillion tests new Electric Vehicle

    This combines two of my favorite things these days, Disney and Electric Cars. After his followers crashed the servers of electric car maker, Nathan Fillion star of ABC’s Castle, was able to get a ride in the new Pulse electric vehicle protoype. Read more on the NY Times or…

  • Hollywood Actor Strike Looming?
    Hollywood Actor Strike Looming?

    In what looks to be a possible repeat of the earlier Writer’s Strike, the Screen Actor’s Guild is finding difficult to reach agreement over DVD residuals with the big movie studios. At this point neither side is looking to force a strike, but if the 120,000 members of SAG did…

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