• Finding Nemo – 3D Theatrical Trailer
    Finding Nemo – 3D Theatrical Trailer

    After The Lion King 3D did $95 million at the box office, Disney announced that more films would be converted forthwith. First was Beauty & The Beast, which pulled in a respectable $47 million, and up next is Pixar’s Finding Nemo. A new theatrical trailer for Finding Nemo 3D features…

  • The Avengers – Featurette
    The Avengers – Featurette

    While I was on board the Disney Fantasy, I saw a terrific 3D trailer for The Avengers. Afterward, I was the most excited I’ve ever been to see the movie. The 3D was fantastic, the villains actually seem capable of putting our heroes in peril and the heroes still manage…

  • Tangled Ever After – Why Disney Made It
    Tangled Ever After – Why Disney Made It

    One of the reasons to go see Beauty & The Beast 3D in theaters this week is because of what comes before it. The new Disney animated short “Tangled Ever After” tells a wild and wacky story about the wedding of Eugene (aka Flynn Rider) and Rapunzel. They’re getting the…

  • Finding Nemo 3D Trailer
    Finding Nemo 3D Trailer

    The Lion King 3D was a big success, Beauty & The Beast 3D is expected to draw in similar sized crowds, and now it’s time to see the first Pixar film to get the 3D conversion treatment. One of the remarkable things about Finding Nemo is how they brought depth…

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