• Mickey Mouse as Corporate Shill
    Mickey Mouse as Corporate Shill

    Anyone who is upset at the artistic license taken in representing Mickey Mouse in the new animated shorts should take a gander at this 1955 version of the classic character as envisioned by legendary Disney animator Tom Oreb. Mickey was given this modern update for a Nash car commercial. According…

  • Disneyland 1955 Home Movies
    Disneyland 1955 Home Movies

    If I had a time machine at my disposal, it would be very tempting to travel back to 1955, cough up the dollar fifty admission and visit Disneyland during its inaugural year. While, I don’t have a time machine, there is YouTube and the great culture of sharing home movies….

  • Disney Parks Then and Now
    Disney Parks Then and Now

    Earlier this month, I posted a marvelous photo of Walt Disney standing on the steps of the Main Street Train Station in 1955 looking out into the present. The component parts of that picture came from a amazing collection of photos that capture how Disney Parks looked early in their…

  • Happy Birthday Disneyland
    Happy Birthday Disneyland

    Disneyland turns 56 today. Although I have not visited in far too long, it remains my favorite park. It is the only park Walt Disney ever walked in and because of that, has a special kind of magic you can’t find at any other Disney park around the world. Rather…

  • The Story of Disneyland – 1955 Guidebook
    The Story of Disneyland – 1955 Guidebook

    Former Disney Imagineer Mark Hickson is now blogging over at “Disney by Mark.” He’s been cheerfully sharing some unique peeks behind the magic along with pieces from his collection of Disney memorabilia. I’m particularly enjoying his scans of the 1955 Guidebook for Disneyland – The Story of Disneyland. This piece…

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