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  • Videopolis: Aladdin “Friend Like Me” Cover

    This creative cover of “Friend Like Me” from Disney’s Aladdin features the talents of upcoming Youtube star Bri Ray. I meant to publish this yesterday on the late, great Robin William’s birthday, but a day late is better than never, right? Singer Bri Ray has been making Disney dubs and…

  • Videopolis: Newsies Set to Uptown Funk
    Videopolis: Newsies Set to Uptown Funk

    Newsies is a classic Disney movie featuring some great choreographed dancing. But what happens when you remove the soundtrack and change the music? If the song is “Uptown Funk,” the recent smash by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, the answer is pretty amazing. That’s right, someone got the bright idea…

  • Videopolis: Trashin’ The Camp A Capella
    Videopolis: Trashin’ The Camp A Capella

    Okay. Part of the magic of “Trashin’ The Camp” from Disney’s animated feature Tarzan was that it involved music that was made from every day objects found around a jungle camp. Today’s videopolis takes that concept and turns it into an A Capella masterpiece based on the Phil Collins and…

  • Videopolis: Guitar Solo Disney Medley
    Videopolis: Guitar Solo Disney Medley

    Normally our Videopolis videos feature a vocalist, a cappella group, piano or maybe a ukulele. But our first Videopolis of 2015 will feature something new, a video with a rock guitar twist. Fred Mubang made this arrangement of Disney Medleys for his electric guitar. Songs in the medley include: Part…

  • Videopolis – a #jelsa Holiday
    Videopolis – a #jelsa Holiday

    I’ve resisted posting most of the Frozen fan art. I could fill this blog with it, but the good news is there’s a lot of great stuff out there and it doesn’t take much Googling to find it. However, I’ll make an exception for today’s Videopolis. For all you Jack…

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