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  • Muppets Returning to TV
    Muppets Returning to TV

    For too long and no good reason, the Muppets have been banished from TV. Sure, there was the horrible Disney Channel Teen Stars experiment, but we’re trying to forget that in the hopes our patience will one day be rewarded. It’s too soon to say that time has come, but…

  • Muppets Most Wanted Soundtrack Available
    Muppets Most Wanted Soundtrack Available

    With only three days to go until Muppets Most Wanted hits 3000 theatres across North America, Walt Disney Records released the film’s soundtrack album on CD and download today. As I mention in my review of the movie, most of the songs may not be as incredible as those in…

  • Review: Muppets Most Wanted
    Review: Muppets Most Wanted

    Perhaps those early negative reviews in the Hollywood trade press did me good by lowering my expectations, but I will do you no such favour: Muppets Most Wanted is an extremely enjoyable, nearly perfect follow-up to 2011’s brilliant The Muppets. Prepare to smile for hours afterwards. This sequel, helmed by…

  • The Muppets Are Everywhere
    The Muppets Are Everywhere

    We are just over one week away from Muppets Most Wanted opening in North American theatres and our felt friends and their human co-stars have been everywhere—and I mean everywhere—over the past days. From Kermit hanging out with Michelle Obama and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in…

  • The Muppets Visit YouTube Cooking Show – Nerdy Nummies!
    The Muppets Visit YouTube Cooking Show – Nerdy Nummies!

    First of all, Christopher Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen and Swedish Chef, separated at birth? I’m just saying. The Muppets really are making the promotional rounds to get the word out about “Muppets Most Wanted.” Today Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef visited Nerdy Nummies YouTube show with host Rosanna…

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