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  • A visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum
    A visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum

    Ed note: welcome back long time blog author Whit Honea. The Walt Disney Family Museum has been lambasted over the fact that it is located in San Francisco rather than in a town with a more direct link to the legacy of its namesake. I get that. However, having now…

  • Happy Birthday Walt Disney!
    Happy Birthday Walt Disney!

    Today is the 109th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s birth. We celebrate his legacy everyday here at The Disney Blog. But today I would love to hear how Walt’s life and legacy has affected you. Please share in the comments the most special ‘Disney’ moment in your life. I’ll start with…

  • Bruce Gordon Remembered
    Bruce Gordon Remembered

    A very moving article has been reposted at the Walt Disney Family Museum blog. It’s a look back at the impact Bruce Gordon had on the creation of the museum in the too-short time between his unfortunate release from Walt Disney Imagineering and his untimely and sudden death. The story…

  • Vanishing Walt
    Vanishing Walt

    There is an article that gets written every few years by someone in the Disney fan community. It bemoans how the company is moving away from Walt Disney the person. How no one asks any more ‘What would Walt do?’ We all know that train has left the station. Comparing…

  • Family Feud involves Walt’s Grandchildren
    Family Feud involves Walt’s Grandchildren

    Add large sums of money to any relationship and you always risk controversy. Even the Disney family isn’t immune. The story begins with Disney’s youngest daughter, who died 17 years ago. She left her twins, a son and daughter each now 40, and another daughter enormous sums kept in trusts….

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