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Disney is raising your kids on social networks

Author and social media strategist Shel Israel gazes into the crystal ball and sees a future populated by children who learned everything they needed to know about how to interact online from a Disney owned Social Network or Massively Multiplayer … Continue reading

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Why close VMK? Wonders Disney Analyst.

Rick Munarriz keeps an eye on the Walt Disney Company over at Motley Fool. He wonders why Disney is closing Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) when it should be using it as a gateway game into all of its other properties? … Continue reading

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Club Penguin Upgrade Spells Problems For Members

Danny Sullivan is reporting that his sons are having problems with their Club Penguin accounts after a recent upgrade. Both Penguins has changed color and lost items after a recent upgrade to the game. If they hit Edit Player, the … Continue reading

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VMK: Saving Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom

This is the story of how Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) came to its end and how and why it doesn’t have to be that way. The year is 1959. Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom of Disneyland is just about to … Continue reading

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News of Virtual Magic Kingdom’s (VMK) end brings protests and petitions

Latest: Saving Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom. 4/15/08 Update: There are a few sites out there using this unfortunate news to try and run some scams. From false petitions to copy cat sites that are pretending to rebuild VMK, please be … Continue reading

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