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  • Effort to Preserve Walt Disney’s Kansas City Studios
    Effort to Preserve Walt Disney’s Kansas City Studios

    The Kansas City Star, the very paper Walt Disney once delivered papers for on his father’s route, has written a nice piece on the efforts of preservationists to save the original location of Walt’s Laugh-o-Grams Studios and the location where Walt first drew the character that would become Mickey Mouse….

  • Robert Sherman – A Son’s Tribute
    Robert Sherman – A Son’s Tribute

    The Disney Insider has posted a very touching tribute to recently deceased Disney songsmith Robert Sherman, or as the author called him — Dad. We all know there’s something special about “it’s a small world”, but I have new appreciation after reading Jeffrey Sherman’s tribute to his father (my paragraphing):…

  • Walt Disney Remembered
    Walt Disney Remembered

    There’s no doubt Walt Disney is an American Icon. What he was able to achieve in his 66 years on the planet shaped the American psyche in ways that we’re still just beginning to understand (see virtual reality for instance). I always find it hard when just 10 days after…

  • Happy Birthday Walt!
    Happy Birthday Walt!

    Walt Disney would have been 110 years old today. The man was a lot more complicated than the ‘Uncle Walt’ character he created for public consumption. Here are a few books I recommend if you’re looking to gain more insight into the man who started it all: Walt before Mickey:…

  • Marceline – Walt’s Home Town Documentary
    Marceline – Walt’s Home Town Documentary

    Andy and Sara Neitzert have produced what looks to be a charming documentary film chronicling the history and life of Walt Disney’s “hometown” Marceline. They’ve just released a trailer and I love how it focuses on the people, not just the place. There are still many people in Marceline who…

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