Uncle Walt

  • Help restore the Walt Disney Birthplace
    Help restore the Walt Disney Birthplace

    The birthplace of Walt Disney is a small and unassuming home on the corner of Tripp Avenue. It was designed and built by Elias and Flora Disney in 1893 just outside downtown Chicago, and was home to the Disney family in 1901 when Walt was born. The Disney family moved…

  • Happy Birthday Walt Disney!
    Happy Birthday Walt Disney!

    On this day in 1901, one of the world’s modern geniuses was born. Repeatedly throughout his life, he took a new field (animation, television, theme parks, etc) and innovated in this space until he was the unquestioned leader in that field. Walter Elias Disney came to Hollywood with just a…

  • Competing Walt Disney BioPic Trailers
    Competing Walt Disney BioPic Trailers

    You may have heard about the new unofficial Walt Disney Biopic. It focuses on Walt’s early years from his birth until the point he loses Oswald The Lucky Rabbit and partners with Ubb Iwerks to create Mickey Mouse. But did you know there are two competing Walt Disney Biopics. There…

  • Our Grandpa, Walt Disney
    Our Grandpa, Walt Disney

    Editor Note: This article is republished in honor of Grandparents Day, September 7, 2014. It was originally written after a 2011 event at The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. Family togetherness and memories of shared experiences to last a lifetime … those are at the heart of Walt…

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