• Book Review: Art of Pixar’s Inside Out

    Just when I was thinking that this Monday would be as ordinary as the last, I received a copy of The Art of Inside Out, the latest entry in Pixar’s essential “Art of” series, available now from Chronicle Books ahead of the movie’s June 19 opening. Even if you’ve never…

  • Pixar’s Inside Out – Clip Fest
    Pixar’s Inside Out – Clip Fest

    We’re getting a lot closer to the premiere of Pixar’s “Inside Out.” It got rave reviews over at the Cannes film festival and starting June 19th, you’ll be able to see inside the head of the little girl Riley for your self. In the meantime Pixar and Disney’s movie marketing…

  • Two new clips from Pixar’s Inside Out

    Disney took Pixar’s Inside Out to the Cannes Film Festival this year and early reviews are good. No good isn’t enough to describe the audience reaction. They stood and shouted bravo. Variety calls it “the greatest idea the toon studios has ever had.” That’s pretty high praise considering Pixar’s track…

  • Updated plot synopsis for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

    Pixar’s second movie for 2015 is “The Good Dinosaur.” We don’t know much about it other than it had a director change a little late in the game putting Peter Sohn in charge. Sohn, reportedly made some story changes that has the movie on a different track. We now have…

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