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The Morning Report – Tuesday Timewarp

I just finished watching Monday Night Football on ESPN and I had to wonder, what happens when the games are crap. This Forbes column answers that question. The Disney Blog author Mark Storer has an article in the Ventura County … Continue reading

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The Morning Report – Jumping Jack Flash edition

Hey howdy everyone. Time for a quick roundup and a chance to close down some of the tabs I’ve had open lately: Construction will begin at the Shanghai Disneyland site next month after the close of the Shanghai EXPO. I … Continue reading

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Saturday is Daddy’s Day – New Roundup

One of my favorite lines from “One Man’s Dream” was when Walt says that Saturday is “Daddy’s Day.” Time for him to get out with his two daughters and enjoy some quality time. I try and follow that model as … Continue reading

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The Morning Report – Monday Monday

Come what may, I’ve got some open tabs to close: Chad Emerson interviews some folks from Disney marketing about the park’s merchandise. So now you know where those ideas come from. Tokyo Disneyland Resort welcomed its 500 millionth visitor last … Continue reading

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Morning Report – Wednesday Wackadoo

Time to close some open tabs: Floyd Norman, venerable Disney animator has been regularly updating his blog again. Lots of great historical information there. For instance, did you know there was a studio jazz band even before Firehouse Five plus … Continue reading

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