• Maleficent Movie – New Banner
    Maleficent Movie – New Banner

    We’re less than two months away from opening night of Disney’s “Maleficent”, a retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty fairytale from the perspective of the wicked fairy Maleficent, portrayed by Angelina Jolie in perfect casting. That means it’s time to really ramp up the marketing machine in the halls of…

  • Muppets Most Wanted Soundtrack Available
    Muppets Most Wanted Soundtrack Available

    With only three days to go until Muppets Most Wanted hits 3000 theatres across North America, Walt Disney Records released the film’s soundtrack album on CD and download today. As I mention in my review of the movie, most of the songs may not be as incredible as those in…

  • Review: Muppets Most Wanted
    Review: Muppets Most Wanted

    Perhaps those early negative reviews in the Hollywood trade press did me good by lowering my expectations, but I will do you no such favour: Muppets Most Wanted is an extremely enjoyable, nearly perfect follow-up to 2011’s brilliant The Muppets. Prepare to smile for hours afterwards. This sequel, helmed by…

  • New Maleficent trailer preview
    New Maleficent trailer preview

    Update: Full trailer is here! A new teaser trailer and special poster (click above for larger version) for the second major Maleficent trailer was just released. Guess who has wings? The wicked fairy, that’s who. This movie looks like it’s going to be a huge hit. What do you think?

  • Saving Mr. Banks – Deleted Scene
    Saving Mr. Banks – Deleted Scene

    Mary Poppins, the movie, was such a success for The Walt Disney Studios that it funded a big expansion at the studios, at Disneyland, and even gave Walt the freedom to seriously pursue his grand idea of EPCOT out in Florida. The story of how Walt Disney came to make…

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