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  • New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts
    New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts

    There are now 11 of the new Paul Rudish directed Mickey Mouse animated shorts available on YouTube. There will be 19 in the new series. So we have eight more to go. I really loved “Ghoul Friend” (Goofy Ghoul concept art above). Really a lot of classic Disney-gag style moments…

  • Mickey Mouse as Corporate Shill
    Mickey Mouse as Corporate Shill

    Anyone who is upset at the artistic license taken in representing Mickey Mouse in the new animated shorts should take a gander at this 1955 version of the classic character as envisioned by legendary Disney animator Tom Oreb. Mickey was given this modern update for a Nash car commercial. According…

  • Two New Mickey Mouse Shorts Debut
    Two New Mickey Mouse Shorts Debut

    The Disney Channel debuted two new Mickey Mouse animated shorts this weekend. Yodelburg and No Service feature a new style of animation and a new direction for Mickey Mouse that the Walt Disney Company hopes returns some relevance of the character to today’s youth. If you weren’t able to catch…

  • Happy Halloween – Remix
    Happy Halloween – Remix

    Okay, so I’m two holidays behind, but I just found this mashup featuring Walt Disney’s 1929 Mickey Mouse short “The Haunted House” with a new Halloween song from the eclectic band Doozy – It’s Halloween. Doozy is reviving prohibition pop and depression-era cheer via popular tunes of the 1920s &…

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