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Imagineering Reveals More of Enchanted Tales with Belle in New Video

Last week we saw part one of the the Imagineering tour of Enchanted Tales with Belle – a new meet & greet experience coming to Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. The video ended with a peak at the magic portal … Continue reading

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Disney Research Showcases Video-Based 3D Motion Capture Through Biped Control

Disney Research Pittsburgh together with Brown University have released a video showcasing their latest project featuring video-based 3D motion capture through biped control. In plain language, that means it’s an easier way to capture and reproduce natural movement in markerless … Continue reading

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Disney Testing Flying Dragon Ultralight in California

Okay, Walt Disney Imagineering has worked on some pretty amazing projects before. There was Lucky the Dinosaur, himself a descendant of other self-standing dinosaurs that never saw a public appearance. There have been a host of ride systems they tested … Continue reading

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Imagineering the Sounds of Radiator Springs Racers

Close your eyes and picture yourself on the Pirates Of The Caribbean attraction. What do you hear? The founds of the ride are so iconic, most Disney parks fans can recreate it scene for scene in their heads. Great attractions … Continue reading

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Cars Land – The Magic Is In The Details

Walt Disney Imagineering is always pushing the corporate fiscal team to give enough budget to add that last layer of details that completes the theme park experience. The original DCA is the perfect example of what happens when the budget … Continue reading

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