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Guardians of the Star Wars Galaxy Announced

A Star Wars/Marvel Crossover has just been announced at Walt Disney Studios! It was really only a matter of time before we heard about this announcement. Both are hugely popular franchises that have a strong space element. How exactly will … Continue reading

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Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cinderella Throws Down In a Rap Battle Against Belle

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two Disney princesses were to settle a problem with each other with an epic rap battle? Well, somebody did, and created this amusing video featuring Cinderella and Belle throwing down words. Cinderella … Continue reading

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Frozen 2 coming direct to Broadway?

The big news announced today was that Disney will be mounting a sequel to it’s big animated hit Frozen, right on Broadway. Okay, not really. But the a talented crew led by John Walton West (Newsical, The Last Smoker in … Continue reading

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Videopolis: “Bar 33″

ImSarahSnitch is a hilarious Disney centric YouTuber that I have been subscribed to for many years. Her videos are all very funny, while still being informative. Her most recent video, however, is a large departure from her usual vlogging style. … Continue reading

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Pooh for President in 2016?

2016 is the United States of America’s next opportunity to elect a new President. But if a candidate is serious about running, they’re already laying the ground work now. Did you know that Winnie The Pooh entered the presidential race … Continue reading

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