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How Much Did That Film Really Cost?

An blog entry discusses why you can almost never trust most reports of film budgets. Investors, at least, should be getting accurate info.  But “studio math” is notorious, as some people involved may get paid more based on how … Continue reading

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Cinema Interruptus by Roger Ebert

Cinema Interruptus is the analysis of a film “one shot at a time” as described by Roger Ebert in his latest column. It’s incrediblyly information rich, as you can tell. visual compositions have “intrinsic weighting.” By that I believe he … Continue reading

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Bison Herd With Disney History

You can read up in the Los Angeles Daily News on a bison herd in Newhall, which is north of Los Angeles.  The herd started as a gift from Disney in the 1950s after they were used in filming “Westward … Continue reading

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Nothing is Safe When the Moguls Meet in Sun Valley

Jeremy Herron, AP Business Writer, reports on the annual retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho, hosted by investment bank Allen & Co.  This is where media and tech execs mingle and make deals. Even the top Internet companies — save maybe … Continue reading

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Stan Winston Has Passed Away

Sad news today – Stan Winston, known as a special effects wizard but was a man who had much more influence than a mere effects-man-for-hire, has passed away. It is impossible to talk about special effects in the movies without … Continue reading

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