• Time Warner?
    Time Warner?

    Time Warner has been one of Disney’s largest rivals, which in today’s world of media and communications means they have both competed against each other and helped each other. Their films compete with each other at the box office, and their broadcast and cable television networks compete with each other…

  • Warner/DC Counters Disney/Marvel
    Warner/DC Counters Disney/Marvel

    With Disney buying Marvel Entertainment, Time Warner is moving to make better use of Marvel rival DC Comics. Alex Dobuzinskis reports in this Reuters story. In its reorganization of DC Comics, Warner Bros changed the division’s name to DC Entertainment Inc and named movie executive Diane Nelson as president of…

  • Donald Duck shills for Recording Industry
    Donald Duck shills for Recording Industry

    A recent Swedish edition of a Donald Duck comic book was caught shilling for the recording industry printing an anti-file sharing message in the book. The moral message in the short episode could easily be interpreted that illegal downloading is wrong and that the artists need to get paid. It…

  • Duck Tales Revisited
    Duck Tales Revisited

    This one is for Disney fans who spent countless hours watching Disney Afternoon cartoons like Duck Takes instead of doing homework or having a social life. It’s the latest from

  • New Disney Comics coming soon
    New Disney Comics coming soon

    When the SLG comics published Disney branded fizzled out after six issues I figured that was it for a while for Disney in the comics publishing biz. But really, Disney was just switching gears and publishers. Boom! Studios is getting reading to release three new comics with a Disney (or…

  • Pixar titles to be made into Comic Books
    Pixar titles to be made into Comic Books

    It must be San Diego Comic-Con because suddenly there’s plenty of news about Disney, Pixar, and Comics. Today BOOM! Studios and Disney Publishing Worldwide announced a partnership to move many of Pixar’s titles into the comic book format. Following on the heels of THE INCREDIBLES comic book release, BOOM! will…

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