• The Original Mickey, Volume One
    The Original Mickey, Volume One

    According to an article recently posted by the Christian Science Monitor, Mickey Mouse is about to have a “new” series released about his life as an action hero. This series is a comic strip, started in the 1930’s, that depicts Mickey’s mischievous on-screen nature in a method that Disney had…

  • Mickey Mouse takes on the Nazis
    Mickey Mouse takes on the Nazis

    I think a lot of people, myself included, forget that Mickey Mouse was once as big a comic book and cartoon strip star as he was a silver screen celebrity. Check out these 1940s era comics Where Mickey Mouse became a Nazi fighter. Speaking of comics, I’m looking for…

  • Whither Disney Comics?
    Whither Disney Comics?

    Jeff Pepper has a great piece up this week. He looks at the state of Disney Comics (not Marvel comics) and what went wrong: The younger generation of today has largely abandoned the medium.  Let me clarify just slightly–the younger generation defined primarily as kids aged 6-16; the medium being…

  • Princess Superheroes
    Princess Superheroes

    Brodie is a illustrator, comedy writer, and Disney fan. He runs the excellent tribute site Brodie has decided to take on Disney’s Princess divas and re-imagine them as superheroes drawing inspiration from super-fashions of around the same time their animated movies came out. The result, excellent covers like these:…

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