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Lady Gaga meets the Evil Queen at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Little Monsters prepare, the worlds of Lady Gaga and Walt Disney World collided after the Mistress of Magical Performances took time to visit the Magic Kingdom following a tour stop in Orlando. Above, Grammy Award-winning singer Lady Gaga poses April … Continue reading

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Zombie Disney Cosplay

Apparently I go to the wrong conventions, because at the Midlands MCM Expo they have Zombie Disney Cosplay going on. I did some digging and it looks like there is a troupe of Undead Cosplay who are slowly going through … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night Roundup – Go Fish

The Children’s Place has filed for bankruptcy. Well sort of, the subsidiary that holds the Disney Store license Did. The negotiations with the Walt Disney Company to repatriate The Disney Stores from The Children’s Place are still on going. This … Continue reading

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Disney Princess Cosplay

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Miceland’s Disney Character Photo Tips – Part IV

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