• Minnie Mouse inspires high fashion in Shanghai

    At this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week, Disney China asked four well-known local designers to create new fashion collections inspired by the global style icon that is Minnie Mouse. The innovative designs from Ji Cheng, Han Lulu, Cindy Soong and Makin Ma will debut during Shanghai Fashion Week on April 12,…

  • Love of Disney motivates Body Paint artist

    As a form of art, body painting has a long history in many cultures and yet it’s not something you generally associate with Disney, unless you’re talking about face painting, in which case you can find it in every park. In western society there’s been a bit of a revival…

  • Learn to Draw Nick Wilde from Disney’s Zootopia

    While Walt Disney Animation Studios may have moved exclusively to digital animation after “The Princess and the Frog,” characters are still rendered in traditional hand-drawn animation style during th early portions of the movie’s development (and for various promotional projects). For Disney’s “Zootopia,” it happens that co-Director Byron Howard is…

  • All the feels from new Ben Solo and Chewbacca fan art

    Tyson Murphy is a lead character artist at Blizzard Entertainment where he’s been creating digital art for over five years. From time to time he shares his personal sketches and art on his blog. This morning, he shared a comic-strip titled ‘Ben’ featuring Chewbacca, the Wookiee we all love, with…

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