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30. sahm. wish i was lost. love minnie & mickey.
  • Lost Season 6: Recon (Episode 8)
    Lost Season 6: Recon (Episode 8)

    All Sawyer! All the time! “Recon”, this week’s Lost episode should have been my favorite! We got to see Sawyer in LA. And find out that he is NOT a conman! Of course, we also see him get busy with two different girls, eat frozen dinners and a 6pack of…

  • Lost Season 6: Dr. Linus (Episode 7)
    Lost Season 6: Dr. Linus (Episode 7)

    **spoilers begin immediately** Oh, Losties!! Do you feel like the season has finally started?! The last scene with all the castaways reuniting on the beach, their beach, OUR BEACH was just a sigh of relief. I have felt very displaced during the last few episodes as the Losties casually pass…

  • Lost Season 6: Sundown (Episode 6)
    Lost Season 6: Sundown (Episode 6)

    Well, well. We just might be in the final season of Lost. “Sundown” was episode 6 so we’re not quite halfway through the season. But, it felt like a million and a half things happened last night. The story line actually went somewhere on The Island. Of course, we didn’t…

  • Lost Season 6: The Lighthouse (Episode 5)
    Lost Season 6: The Lighthouse (Episode 5)

    So, I’m having a LOST revelation. More like a coming-to-terms. I had hoped our flash-sideways were untrue. I was hoping for love and contentment and redemption ON The Island. I see that is not going to happen. I think The Island is broken. It’s puppet masters may be everlasting but…

  • Lost Season 6: The Substitute (Episode 4)
    Lost Season 6: The Substitute (Episode 4)

    Usually, when I watch LOST I know I’m going to write a recap about it. I have a don’t-forget-about-that eye going in. Last night about 20 minutes in I said, “Oh, I just remembered, I’m going to recap this tomorrow.” I think it’s because I have NO IDEA what is…

  • Lost Season 6: What Kate Does (Episode 3)
    Lost Season 6: What Kate Does (Episode 3)

    A Kate-centric episode, huh? I’m pretty sure that I have well-established my disdain for all things Kate. However, it’s essentially the second episode of our final season. I could hardly turn on my TIVO without a few heart palpitations. Of course, when my TIVO suddenly decided to NOT record Lost…

  • Lost Season 6: LA X (Episode 1 & 2)
    Lost Season 6: LA X (Episode 1 & 2)

    **spoilers begin immediately** Losties. Oh, my losties. We have been apart for eight months! Eight long months! I’ve missed you! And I’ve missed the brain melt I get every week when watching Lost. And now, just when I thought I understood time travel and resurrections and smoke monsters, I am…

  • LOST: The FINAL Season
    LOST: The FINAL Season

    John informed you that LOST begins tomorrow. Let me reiterate that for all you LOSTIES: LOST BEGINS TOMORROW! The very last season of LOST. After all these years we are going to discover the truth about Jacob, the Smoke Monster, The Island and Widmore! Or will we? Will LOST’s island-ology…

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