John Frost

  • 100 Days of Star Wars Trivia – Day 78: Frozen

    Day 78: If that whole “Frozen” thing doesn’t work out in EPCOT’s Norway pavilion they can retheme it to the planet Hoth from “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.” Scenes on the ice planet of Hoth were partially filmed on location at the Hardangerjøkulen glacier in Norway. The production was…

  • Disney’s “Enchanted” Sequel gets title

    Disney had a breakout hit with “Enchanted” in 2007. The sweet, but smart, film skewered Disney princess films at the same time it honored them. We reported in July of 2014, that a sequel had been approved by Disney Studios and we now have a name to go with the…

  • Disney Springs official renaming ceremony

    On Sept. 29, 2015, Walt Disney World officially changed the name of Downtown Disney to Disney Springs, an important milestone in the ongoing transformation of the shopping, dining and entertainment district located inside the resort. We have the ceremony highlights and an interview with Keith Bradford, Vice President, Disney Springs…

  • 100 Days of Star Wars trivia – Day 79: The Swing

    Day 79: A lot of matte paintings were used to make the small sets of England’s Elstree Studios appear to be the size of a Death Star. In the scene where Luke and Leia perform that iconic swing to escape Stormtroopers, the production couldn’t afford stunt performers. So Mark Hamill…

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