Chris Fox

Chris grew up during the Disney renaissance of animation and took his first trip to Disney World when he was ten. Even though he has loved Disney his whole life, his obsession didn't start until he began planning a trip for his honeymoon. Right now, his primary job (at least the one that doesn't pay the bills) is to indoctrinate his daughter with his love of Disney while at the same time convincing his wife to move to Orlando so he can become a tour guide in the parks. He can also be found indulging in his nerdy side (both Disney related and otherwise) at
  • Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD previews new season

    The team at S.H.I.E.L.D. has had its ups and downs and your favorite cast member may be gone (for good?), but there’s a lot more to look forward to for fans of ABC’s hit show Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Last week, Marvel released the first details of the upcoming season…

  • San Diego Comic-Con Day 3 – All the Marvel News

    Yesterday’s Marvel panel at San Diego Comc-Con was so big and content filled that I felt it needed its own post. So here we go. Kevin Feige opened up the panel by saying they wouldn’t have come here if they didn’t have a lot to share, and boy did they…

  • News from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Filming for Star Wars Episode VIII has reached its halfway point and, while nothing of note has been confirmed, rumors abound. Will we get to see Luke fight? Will there be a Rey/Kylo Ren rematch? Will Leia use the Force? Will Jar Jar Binks show up as a Force ghost?…

  • The latest from Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok

    A lot of new updates about the next Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok, have been released recently. For one, Marvel has announced the new cast. Cate Blanchett will play the villainous Hela and Jeff Goldblum will play the eccentric Grandmaster (because ‘eccentric’ and ‘Jeff Goldblum’ go well together). Tessa Thomson (a…

  • Moana teaser trailer takes us to fascinating world

    Over the past few years, Disney animation has taken us to the fantasy worlds of Arendelle, San Fransokyo and Zootopia, so what’s next? We got our answer this week when Disney released the first teaser trailer for their next animated feature; Moana. Normally teaser trailers are a little disappointing because…

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