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  • Tr2n Trailer refound
    Tr2n Trailer refound

    Found another copy of the TR2N teaser trailer. It’s back up on the original post until the lawyers request that copy be removed too. It’s really not fair for Disney to show the trailer to an open event and not expect others to want to see it.

  • TR2N Trailer
    TR2N Trailer

    Update: The Vimeo video is down, but it’s back up on youtube, which will no doubt go down shortly after I post this (*waves to Disney lawyers!*). Yes, it’s not the best quality video, but it was publicly released, so Disney should expect it to be shared online. If they…

  • TR2N – Tron 2.0 Surprise Preview at SDCC
    TR2N – Tron 2.0 Surprise Preview at SDCC

    Update: Found a videocam’d version of the tr2n trailer. Don’t know how long it will last. It’s fuzzy quality, but totally worth checking out. Oh my. I’m 3000 miles away from San Diego and I can still feel the excitement from the surprise release of a new preview for Disney’s…

  • New TRON: Legacy Billboard
    New TRON: Legacy Billboard

    I’m loving this newly released billboard artwork for TRON: LEGACY featuring Quorra (Olivia Wilde). They actually have the full size version of this up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Tron 2.0, Tr2n, Tron: Legacy, what ever you want to call it hits theaters December 17, 2010. Woo! Below the jump I’ve…

  • Around the Hub – Wednesday Wackiness
    Around the Hub – Wednesday Wackiness

    Let’s get right to it, shall we. FoxxFur has posted a half-year report for the Magic Kingdom highlighting the refurbishment activity that’s been on-going. As usual she provides some great insights. has a huge preview of the World of Color show coming to California Adventure. One of the best…

  • Rocket Rods: Fast Disney News
    Rocket Rods: Fast Disney News

    Dwayne Johnson will stop by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss his new Disney adventure, “Race to Witch Mountain.” Watch the exclusive interview this Friday, March 13th! Check your local listings or visit for more information. Debbie Ryan, from Disney’s The Suite Life On Deck, is on Twitter. She…

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