Disney Documentary Give-away

Update: The contest is now closed. Congratulations to winners Amanda and Renee M.

Disney recently released 3 documentaries – Waking Sleeping Beauty, Walt & El Grupo, and The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story – on DVD. We recently reviewed them here on the blog and now we have two sets of the three DVDs to give-away to a lucky reader.

To enter follow the Disney Blog over on our Facebook Fan Page and then leave a comment on this post with either your idea for a future animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios or your idea for a new themed hotel for either Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

Two winners will be drawn at random from eligible entries after the contest closes on December 13th at 5pm Eastern Time.

Rules are simple: To win you must have a valid entry in the comments of this post with a valid email address to be used to contact you in case you win, a delivery address in the United States, be over 18 years old, and you must follow The Disney Blog’s fan page on Facebook at the time of the drawing. A valid entry consists of a comment on this post sharing either your idea for the next animated film from Disney or your idea for a new themed hotel at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Two winners will be drawn on December 13th at 5pm Eastern Time and notified via the email in the comment. Each prize consists of one set of each of the following three DVDs: Waking Sleeping Beauty, Walt & El Grupo, and The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story. Not valid where prohibited by law. Thanks for participating and good luck.

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87 thoughts on “Disney Documentary Give-away

  1. rick spence

    I would like to see a Disney movie based on the novel, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, by Alan Garner. Classic kids’ fantasy, with battles and chases and goblins and witches, only it takes place in the real world! (If you can call England the real world.)
    It might also be half live-action, half animated.
    Thans for a great blog.

  2. Debe DeAngelo

    Hello! I now follow you on FB as well as getting the emails ….love it! Through a lucky twist of fate, I was at a private function where the entertainment was provided by Susan Egan and Richard Sherman! It was truly magical, in every sense of the word. He came out, sat at the piano and started to chat about working with Walt and about the songs they wrote. He sang several tunes are we were all dumbstruck.

    If I do not win the DVD of the Sherman Brothers, I will buy it. They are once-in-a-lifetime artists…

    Thank you …

  3. Debe DeAngelo

    Oops! Themed hotel – Villians OR a castle theme with Princesses or Pirates (a la POTC).
    I love the lodges so another interpretation of that would be nice…

  4. Beth Crosby

    I follow you on facebook. I would like to see a Pixar themed hotel- Cars and Toy Story rooms would be fantastic!

  5. Brian Johnson

    I’d like to see a movie that brings Oswald and Mickey together or maybe and adventure like Mickey has in the newly released “Epic Mickey” video game. As for a themed resort… I think a “Mickey Through the Years” theme would be cool. They could use the various films as specific building themes. For example a “Plane Crazy” building and a “Haunted House” building. I love all the old films the best.
    PS: Thanks for the blog. I follow it via Facebook and RSS feeds.

  6. Mark

    I would really like to see Disney make a movie about a contemporary Latin American adolescent girl. Because this film would be animated, it could verisimilitudinously incorporate some elements of magic realism such as fantasy. This would be a risk for the studios, since Disney is accustomed to explaining WHY magic happens instead of just putting the magic out there and expecting the audience to accept it as part of reality. The closest they have really come to this is Alice in Wonderland and Meet the Robinsons (e.g., HOW are these flowers able to sing to Alice? Because that is the reality of this world.)

  7. C.P. Seidman

    My hotel idea is for a Fantasyland hotel, either at Disneyland or if there’s any space left near the Magic Kingdom (doubtful.) It would have floors themed to the popular dark rides of the area, and rooms themed to scenes from those movies. I’m thinking Snow White, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Alice In Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Dumbo, and Mr. Toad. The pool area could have a castle theme. There could be character breakfasts with princesses. It would be a great place to have a land-locked version of Disney Cruise Line’s Animator’s Palate restaurant.

  8. Nicholas Biedma

    I think it would be really cool if Disneyland made a New Orleans themed hotel. The lobby could have a lagoon/Bayou similar to the start of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. There could be a restaurant or two that is themed like Pirates/Princess and the Frog/or Haunted Mansion. If Disneyland themed their hotels more towards movie or ride elements I think their hotels would fill up more, especially in the off season.

  9. Jacqueline Hudson

    I would love to see a themed park that looked more at the cartoons that are from the 80s and early 90s such as Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, Talespin etc. As for a movie they have released some movies around those shows but maybe a darkwing duck andgizmoduck movie?

  10. Devlin

    As for a film, I’d like to see a remake of The Song of the South this time just telling the stories of Joel Chandler Harris with out the, um, culturally problematic, live action sequences of the old film. As for a hotel, I think expanding the Disney brand to other entertainment properties and have a LOST themed hotel. Dharma soap, polar bears and who would want to stay in room 23? That would be cool.

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  12. Ben

    I would love to see a hotel with the “retro future” theming like is found in Tomorrowland. Having a facade covered in neon and 50’s pop-art depicting the “future” in each room would be great!

  13. Chris W.

    Hmmm…nice question to answer!

    Given my druthers, I’d love to see a Jules Verne-ian themed hotel; basically, Hyperion Bay as a resort. We’ve got so many resorts in Florida themed to real-world locales, why not something utterly fantastical?

    As for an animated feature? Hmmm…man, I don’t know. That’s a tough one, just because it’s going to have so many animators investing so much time into it. I’d call that one a decision above my pay grade. Let’s stick with my resort idea. :D

  14. megan

    It’s hard to imagine a new hotel at Disneyland because I don’t know where they’d put it, but I would go for a New Orleans Square inspired one with a little Tom Sawyer Island thrown it. That’s my favorite area at Disneyland, so having a hotel with that kind of feel would be great.

  15. Charlie Zimmerman

    Assuming that Epic Mickey successfully helps Mickey regain his cultural relevance as more than just a corporate icon and children’s cartoon star, I’d like to see him get a full-length animated adventure that would have the mix of family-pleasing humor, heart and adult sensibilities that have helped Pixar films achieve …such acclaim. It could be based on the game, but I’d prefer a fully-original story… and not just a “Mickey version” of an existing tale. Plus, Oswald should be included!

    “Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world!” – Genie

  16. Gabroll

    A movie concept is pretty difficult, but I’d venture to say I would be interested in seeing a princess-less epic from them. Perhaps a modern day ‘Hanzel & Gretel’ to keep with Disney’s fairy tale heritage! As for the hotel, I’ve always thought it would be so incredible for Disney to pay homage to their animation roots with an all black and white establishment, from the quirky & custom made furniture to the staff/cast members’ uniforms. And as much as I’m sure they would never permit such a thing, having a Steamboat Willy cast member grace the hotel’s halls would be incredible as well, but that would probably conflict with the park’s rules about 1 Mickey on the grounds at a time.

  17. Erik

    I want an underwater hotel with sharks! Every room could have a wall that is nothing put a pane of glass looking into some giant aquariums.

  18. Ian L.

    I think a Little Mermaid themed hotel at Disney World would be pretty sweet. They could do a full underwater motif and have fish tanks all over the place. I’d go for that!

  19. Laura

    I would love to have a Disney resort themed with the classic Disney characters and movies! I for one do not tire of Disney while at Disney World!

  20. Angela

    I think a resort based on haunted mansion theme would be great or an actual resort based on Walt’s idea for EPCOT. I would love that! I liked you on facebook!

  21. Mike G

    I don’t facebook but I’d like to win the Documentaries, if I can enter the contest anyway …. I’d like to see comprehensive documentaries on say Donald Duck and Goofy and the voice actors and artists behind them

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