Building Walt’s Dream – Disneyland Construction Timelapse Video

If you’re a Disney fan, and I hope you are if you’re reading this blog, stop what you’re doing right now and set aside the next 50 minutes to flashback to the very first moments of Disneyland with Walt Disney pacing off the site and proceed through the year via timelapse video until the park is ready for opening day. This never-before-seen footage was sitting on a shelf all these years and only saved by a curious employee.

It starts off with some never before seen footage of Walt, Marvin Davis, Dick Irvine, and Roy Disney (seldom seen in photos) on the site. You really get to see how Walt already had the park in his mind and everything else was just details. Commentary is by Tony Baxter, Ed Hobleman, and Walter Magnuson.

Building Walt’s Dream – Playlist

I don’t know about you, but I’m in Disneyland heaven right now. So beautiful to watch.

Update: Apparently this footage is from a DVD released in 2007. I’d never seen it.

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33 Responses to Building Walt’s Dream – Disneyland Construction Timelapse Video

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  2. BIll Sodeman says:

    Great video! This is a winner… I love the explanation of the towers.

  3. John says:

    Thank you for this! Truly wonderful to see it all coming together like this, and with narration yet!

    Cheers, JOHN :0)

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  9. Christine Eubanks says:

    Isn’t some of this on Disk Two of the “Disney Treasures” DVD called “Disneyland: Secrets, Stories and Magic” that came out a year or two ago? I know I have seen the Gazebo moving around…. Haven’t looked at all 50 minutes, of course.

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  11. Amy says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing this.

  12. James says:

    Thanks! But isn’t this from the Disneyland treasure dvd series?

  13. Bryan Lagos says:

    Disneyland Construction Timelapse Video [5 videos]

  14. RT @TheSquare: Wow. Long-lost time lapse film of Disneyland's construction. All 5 parts:

  15. steve glenn says:

    Just found time-lapse video of the building of Disneyland. See Walt digging dirt to make the "Happiest Place on Earth."

  16. This is terrific! RT @t_animation Building Walt’s Dream – Rare Disneyland Construction Timelapse #disney

  17. achantra says:

    Recently found time lapse footage of the original construction of Disneyland. Fascinating!

  18. Jim Lane says:

    Truly amazing footage; I add my thanks to the others’.

    In 1970 I interviewed Marcel Delgado, the colleague of Willis O’Brien who built the stop-motion models for The Lost World, King Kong and Mighty Joe Young. He showed me his scrapbooks, and lo and behold, there were some shots of Mr. Delgado with some of the hippos in your fourth clip. I pointed, amazed. “Is this…Disneyland? Did you work on Disneyland?” He smiled. “Yes, just a little; not enough to do any harm.”

  19. Zach Evans says:

    RT @keithalink: This is terrific! RT @t_animation Building Walt’s Dream-Rare Disneyland Construction Timelapse #disney

  20. Time-lapse footage of Disneyland being built. 40ish minutes. Worth it for fans of Walt.

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  23. ana laura says:

    Foram achados videos mostrando construçao da Disneyland na California. Sao 50 minutos de video, mas super vale!

  24. Those paper plans at the beginning of the clip seem to include Edison Street, which was going to connect Main Street and Tomorrowland (roughly the location where they ended up building the Inn Between employee cafeteria).

  25. Miranda says:

    I wish Disney would bring their vmk game back. it was the best game they ever had and they closed it down

  26. Leanne J says:

    Wow – Disneyland original construction unseen footage – 50s cars/machines,! A few vids, 50mins total #Disney

  27. Leanne J says:

    @salandnat will love that last link #Disney

  28. Jacob says:

    That video was truly amazing! I watched it all. It’s probably the most magical footage I’ve seen of early Disneyland.

    “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”
    Walt Disney, 1901-1966

  29. Mandy says:

    That is a good video. Disney is always changing. I remember when you could see Mickey with a musket. Something you would never see now.

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