Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) closing in May

Latest: Saving Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom – 4.15.08

May 21st, 2008 will mark the end of one very cool MMO game brought to you by Disney Online. Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom is wrapping up play and urging its players to join in on one of Disney’s other offerings. The only hitch, those games require pay-for-play to get full functionality.

Needless to say this is causing an uproar among the games fans who have invested time and effort in building their characters, rooms, and friends in VMK. VMKMagic.com has started a petition to save the game.

I’ve included the full notice of closure and faq from VMK’s newsletter below the cut

Speaking of things lasting forever, recently several of you have been asking about how much longer VMK will last. Well today I have some news about our future.

As many of you know, Virtual Magic Kingdom was created and launched back in 2005 as part of the Disneyland 50th Anniversary Celebration. VMK exceeded expectations in terms of performance, and as a result we extended the promotion (that is, VMK, the game) well beyond the 50th Celebration.

Eventually though, all promotions must come to an end, so I’m announcing today that on May 21, 2008, VMK will open our virtual gates for the last time. You read that right: VMK was never intended to last forever – we’ll close the game for good at the end of day on May 21st, 2008.

This is not an April Fool’s joke.

Now we understand this news may be upsetting to you but let me explain. Again, VMK was launched as part of Disneyland’s 50th Celebration in 2005 and the game has lived well beyond the originally intended time it was planned to run.

Over time you’ve seen our in-Park presence and other parts of VMK go away. You may remember our V.I.P Tours at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, or our in-Park Quest. We didn’t stop doing those things because we don’t love the game or our Guests, but because the time to run those promotions ended.

At Disney we’re still committed to building communities and online virtual worlds – and we’re looking forward to providing you the opportunity to enjoy other exciting new experiences.

Don’t look at VMK ending as a bad thing – think of it as a new beginning, a chance to explore something fresh and new! Think of it like school: You don’t want to leave your old friends, but still, the time has come to graduate and move onto another great adventure.

In the time since we’ve launched VMK, we’ve seen many players come and go, and we’re hoping you will graduate from VMK too – in particular, to games like Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Disney’s ToonTown Online, Club Penguin and the upcoming Fairies and Cars online virtual worlds. We think you’ll find you enjoy those just as much as VMK – if not more.

In the meantime, VMK will run like it always has, with great events and new items every week until we close – we might even fit in one or two more surprises along the way (of the virtual item kind).

So what’s going to happen to the VMK Staff when VMK closes? Well, we’re all moving onto other projects here at Disney and positively looking ahead to the future. Me and a few other team members have already moved to other projects (but are still making sure VMK is running smoothly until it closes).

I know that this is sad news for you, but we’re all thankful we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the game for as long as we did. Just know there are even cooler things on the horizon ahead, for you as players and for us as game creators. So as my good friend Captain Jack Sparrow would say…

“Bring me that horizon!”

Questions? We’ve prepared this Q&A:

Why is this happening? Why are you closing Virtual Magic Kingdom?

As Yavn mentioned in the Newsletter, VMK was created and launched as part of a promotion to celebrate Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary.

The game/promotion has ran well beyond the original time it was intended to.

When is the last time I can play?

The game will close at 10:00PM PST, Wednesday, May 21st, 2008.

Will I still be able to buy cards and pins in the Parks?

Yes, you can still buy VMK Cards and Pins at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Parks while supplies last but after May 21st, 2008 the codes will no longer work in the game.

What will happen to the game and the website?

The website will remain up for a few weeks to let people know what has happened, but you will not be able to log into the game after May 21th, 2008.

What will happen to all my virtual stuff in VMK?

Since the virtual items live only in VMK, you won’t be able to access your VMK items or take them with you to another Disney Online Virtual World.

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112 thoughts on “Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) closing in May

  1. Cansio

    AH i dont want them to close vmk i hope some thing happens to make it last for along time at least 2015.

  2. Hannah N.

    I’ve fallen in love with VMK ever since I joined.I just can’t believe it’s closing!!! It’s such a great game that ALOT of people enjoy.Would Walt Disney want this? To CRUSH A MILLION KID’S DREAMS??? NO!!!!! I hope that Disney is reading this, because I don’t think they even care about us.” VMK was a promotion to celebrate Disneyland’s 50th aniversery and it ran well beyond the time it was intended to.” Yeah right.They are probably too lazy to run the game and now they are quiting on us and closing down VMK.VMK needs to last at least five more years.Three years doesn’t seem like a very long time for VMK to last.Ok, my point is I totally don’t want VMK to close, nobody does.If VMK was Saved, that would be beyond a miracle.

  3. Shelley

    I’m Shelley – or shellshellgirl known in vmk
    i’ve played forever i have the princess outfit and the dreams and sparrow i love vmk and do u really want people to log out of vmk for good and spend there time at other less safe web sites?
    there is no point to the other websites you listed below you can’t trade and get rare for free thank of kids who dont have any money to spend to become an ” afficial member ” of those other sites! people were actually nice on vmk and you could do so much! PLEASE dont take it away….please..
    i fell in love with the game to years ago… just don’t take it away…. please
    that’s all i can think to say…please

  4. michelle.p

    You people have a right to be upset, its completely normal. But to all u aldults saying that BMI is “safe” think again. You can dictionary dance your way to giving out your aim address, give out your phone number, and this Is the worst, people can steel stuff from you… I have unafortunately been very addicted once I spends hours upon hours playing vmk to get what? Credits that you can’t even use in real life, I have also spent hundreds of dollars of my savings to buy vmk merchandise in the park… This is just like a lot of peoples situations. I have been sober from vmk for half a year. When I quit it was the best day of my life, my reasons? I got healthier, socialized with people you can actually see! And I got a real hobby. Now I’m not saying that my 3 years on vmk were bad there are good things to. For example my typing skill increased tremendously and my computer skills have improved a lot. But you people addicted now, need to GET A LIFE!! Trust me you will kivk yourselves once you realize joe much time you have wasted.. I am 13. And proud to say that I have played vmk but am not going to dwell on it.

  5. Rachel

    But Why VMK Why not another site that people love just as much and even more as this one.
    i have made alot of friends on vmk and i would hate to lose them all because of this.
    vmk is really important to some people.
    its not like any other game that disney’s made.
    its just not right.
    what would walt do?

  6. Lisa

    I have three children that love VMK…and have been just sick over the fact that their characters are going to “die” after May 21 after investing three years in building their characters, etc. I agree that if they are not making a profit, that they should at least offer a ‘play for pay’ version of the game and allow anyone who wants to continue to let them continue with what they have already built and invested in their characters. If there is something up your sleeve, then share it with the public now if there is something else coming down the pipe for the continuation of VMK in some sort of way. I know Walt created Disney for the kids and their happiness…I don’t think he would be happy with this decision to close VMK. If this was in fact a promotional, then it should not have lasted 3 years…it should have only lasted the few months or year that it was supposed to last…and it should have been made clear from the begining that it was only temporary.

  7. Bella

    I am sooo sad that vmk is ending. I LOVED this game and worked so hard to earn the prizes. I wish I would have known that it was closing when I started, so it wouldn’t have been such a letdown. I hope disney continues the game because I know there are tons of other heartbroken kids out there as well!
    <3 Bella

  8. Sabrina

    This is so stupid… Why do they have to close it? I mean it took me forever to get rare stuff, now I have it. And then its gonna be gone…


    I mean like vmk isn’t working for my computer which is stupid, it hasn’t been working for like two months. BUT I STILL LOVED VMK.

    Emphesiss on the loveD.


  9. K.C

    I undeerstand that they are closing VMK forever,but won’t it just be throwing away all the money and time they spent on creating VMK?Also I think that the players do have a reason to be upset because they spent so much time on creating their virtual lives.You would be upset too.

  10. Sadness this brings

    I’m upset to learn VMK is closing. It’s unfair to the people who spent so much time playing the game and gathering items, and to those who made friends there. I really wish there was some way to save it, but Disney would never listen.

  11. Julie

    I was very sad when i found out that vmk was closing bc vmk has been a memory to me. Plus, that is the only place for me and my best friend can explore new place, talk to each other, and to use our knowledge how to find the best way to trade.If you close vmk, then you are crushing the kids and adults who have played this wonderful game. Even though it costs money, you should still try to maintain the balance. the most special thing is that the people who hve made friends on vmk, will lose there new friends and lose the rare stuff on vmk that they tried to get there whole lives. I am just saying that you should listen to us for once in a while and just listen to us, if you do you will make everybody happy.

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  13. Friendlyicepuppy

    you said it although it closed im very mad and when i go to heaven im gonna tell walt all about it hope u do to and on vmk im friendlyicepuppy

  14. Lucas

    Petitions… petitions were started.
    Walks… walks in the kingdom were started.
    Letters… letters were sent.
    But none of it worked.
    You CAN’T say they didn’t have enough money, because where did the money we spent on cards go? Wouldn’t it have gone to supporting the games servers?
    It’s the Year of A Million DREAMS. The closing of such a wonderful, SAFE, kingdom-was no dream.
    I spent hours upon hours playing in the kingdom, exploring its lands, and it ended. I live miles from Disney-VMK was my ‘Disney at Home’
    SICK people (i.e. Slinkyman) played the amazing game, and it helped them forget their problems. Although VMK visited him, I can’t think of another game where he can soar into magical lands and forget the real world. And, from what my friends told me, DID PEOPLE REALLY ASK WHEN IT WOULD CLOSE?

  15. me

    Know what i think disney is doing? theyre probally like “wow ppl like vmk so much that ppl would pay for it.” and the thing is its true. If they made it so it cost money to go on then a bunch of ppl would pay for it. Well this is just my thought but i think that if this is true then thats very rude of disney. I mean isnt disney all about having fun?

  16. Ace

    Hello! On vmk I am- or should I say, was- AcePrincessMelody. I’m sad to say that I hadn’t visited vmk for a month or sol, and I just today decided to go to say hi to all my friends, and you can imagine my shock when I saw the words ‘VMK is closed’. I felt like I’d been sucker-punched. Now, I do have a life other than VMK, but at the same time, I’ve spent many hours on that magical site with my friends. Life will go on, but this is something I’m sorely disappointed with, for VMK was an escape from reality. Now I have to go play sims instead, yet sims falls short of VMK in the reality that I can’t go and chat with people, and it’s nowhere near as magical.

    Thank a lot, Disney.

  17. Kat (TheCowgirl on VMK)

    I hate to see this place go; I’ve been here since literally DAY ONE. I’ve had many good and bad memories on this site. I’ve been banned. I’ve been scammed. I’ve gotten great rare. And most importantly, I’ve made so many friends on this game, and they were just as important to me as my real friends. I think something Disney needs to realize is that all of these kids (and grown-ups) out there that played VMK, we’re not just numbers, we’re not just more money. We are ACTUAL PEOPLE, actual humans who have, in some cases, grown up with this game.
    But I guess Disney doesn’t think that way. They just want to destroy this beautiful world they have spent forever creating, to shatter kids’ dreams and just sit back and watch them fall to pieces. THAT is what Disney wants. I TRUSTED Disney. VMK was the only game I felt comfortable playing, and even though the dictionary was a little TOO restricting, I felt safe. But I guess it really IS all about the money.
    I’ve seen VMK begin to crumble. I’ve been there since they early days with all of the bugs and the beta rare and when green flips were 25 credits. And it’s true that as the game got older, things were less magical. I could tell Disney was going “slacker” on us. But why did they have to go this far. Why did they have to go all the way? =[

    Let’s dig up Walt.

  18. NikkoDurian

    Just an idea – if we protested against disney and didnt play any of their games until they brought back VMK, would it work?

  19. everardochavez

    vmk was the best virtual game anyone can play but everthing in life costs money i never kept up with m school work since that day that it closed i consintrated on my work i felt so good .i moved on (im searching for new virtual games like vmk)now i have a myspace which is helping i do consintrate on school work vmk is addicting to me i couldnt get off it was so COOL but it was not cool that i was failing my classes . it costs money to invent games like vmk there awesome but some times u het adictted to games like that

  20. Jeremy

    You know im young im 14 years of age but i loved this game. the reason i did is because when i get home it gives me my fill of disney in a game. I think disney needs to bring it back. but thats just my opinion.

  21. Magicsonicdoor

    :( Vmk never should have closed, all our friends,… gone, i hope vmk staff is happy… I not.

  22. VioletYellowSunset

    Why did the vmk staff get rid of vmk I mean wont they look at all of our comments?! I wish the best game ever vmk would last and please vmk staff look at all our comments! Everybody loved this site and I can still think of gator waitor’s food please vmk staff put vmk back on and the last time I check how many people were on there were something like 7561 thats how many people love vmk oh and if any of you saw me on your friend list I just want to say hi or will this be goodbye?

  23. narutoshadowclone

    I too am sad that vmk is closed, but there is not much anybody can do about it but all i know for sure is that because of VMK gone people will start thinking that disneyland and disneyworld will close too and that will start a way worse riot. Walt Disney would be deeply ashamed.

  24. VMKcoolish

    U PPL stop blaming vmk please it was not their fault the company called Sulake was the ppl who actual came up with the idea and gave Disney the money the support it. Once they thought 50th anniversary was done then they would stop funding disney and take their copy rights. They moved to habbo hotel or something like that.So stop blaming Disney blame sulake. And their may be no possible way to open it up again because sulake probly locked the copyright in a vault a threw away the key. I wish for anything to get vmk back and all the friends ive made but please just consider that. VMK was so fun doing the quest making our own room. i rember rushing home from school just to finish the quest i was on. Maybe yavn is right as much as i hate to say it but we have to keep moving on in our lives.

  25. miranda


  26. samuel white

    i know you guys have to pay to keep vmk open disney land staff but you guys made good income on people buying codes for pins and other fruniture so i faail to see why it needed to be closed as far as i know that was the best thing disney had but do to its closing i am not going to disney land every and will just saty with knotts and six flags instead

  27. bobthebuilder

    omg! i cant believe they closed vmk. i loveeddd that game. i worked so hard for my sorcerers hat and my princess hats. and all my cowboy stuff. i even had like super rare items. i think they should re-open it. i know lots of people loved that website, and i think disney is stupid for closeing it

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  29. Stephen

    How could anyone do that to any little kids? Are the hearts at disney that cold and cruel? I had played vmk for a long period of time. I stopped soon and hadn’t played in awhile. I wanted to come back and found out it was closed! I clenched my fists so tight and my face was burning up. Is it a valid reason to close fiscal reasons? yes well the disney workers are suppose to be creative so find a way to have the same amount of funand for the company to make money off of it. Well listen here if disney is suppose to be a land of magic where children and adults can have fun without a care in the world they are obviously hiring the wrong people over there. If money was the problem then put advertisments onto the sites! It is the most popular sites for children, and people will pay much money for thousands maybe even millions of kids to read them. The arogance and ignorance of the modern disney disgusts me!

  30. Katie

    wow. i have not played VMK since about May 18th. I kind of forgot about it but now i really want to play it. I am happy that i never bought any codes for any of these and that i just got lucky with online codes and really good friends who gave me rare items. I played for two years all the time. I had such a great time and it was a way for me to relax and talk to my other friends. I understand what they are saying but please, come on. Disney can’t afford to keep a wide spread popular game running but can keep a penguin game going. oh please.

  31. Taylor

    i am very sad about vmk i loved that site my friend introduced that to me when i was at her house soo 1 day i walked into my computer room got on the computer and got on the vmk website i droped my jaw when i saw the news i was soooooooo shocked i actually cried!!! i was so sad i cant belive they did that i was so shocked anyway i ran up to my dad and had told him what happend he was shocked to he thought that was a cool place for kids now i am still looking for a new website that is exactly like vmk well that was a bad choce because i guess people think they are smart now and think they can make us pay for it to buy like clothes and everything!!! Including club penguin now people dont get mad at me for this but it is just a complate and total scam!i will never forget vmk and i hope it comes back very soon and it is just the way it was and you will still not have to pay please come back vmk er all miss you alot hope to see you again :)

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