A Fool in the Virtual Magic Kingdom

The master plan is brilliant: Get folks to the parks. Then make sure
they don’t forget about the parks when they return home. Along the way,
a young generation will start thinking that Disney is cool again, and
that’s crucial, since rival film studios are wresting the animation
crown from Disney.

At The Moteley Fool Rick Munarriz writes about the strategic aspect of Disney’s VMK MMORG. I wish I had the time to play a little bit. 

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118 Responses to A Fool in the Virtual Magic Kingdom

  1. AceLilElmo says:

    I just visited runscape and it looks really bad. How do you think that is fun? I tried to register and nothing happened..
    Is is all about knights or something? I mean at leasat VMK is about funny looking people in Disneyland!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    ha ha to all of you people i only got banned for 2 hours

  3. stephanie says:

    omg i just went on vmk and the took all of my friends away!!!!Why im sooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had a bf too :( vmk sucks

  4. Eden says:

    Hello! my name on vmk is imasweetgirl. if u know me , TELL ME!!!!!! I am off my ban in 11 days! cant wait.

  5. Tom says:

    hey all i just got banned for 10 years :(

  6. sammi says:

    hey guys i just got banned for a month
    and its a month till halloween!!
    i’m freakin out here
    they better be selling halloween items after october,22 :(
    if they don’t i will really freak out bc i need costumes even tho i hvae cowbo and dresses i need more lol
    all i can do now is hope :)P

  7. vmk hater says:

    i got banned from vmk for a month!!! i mean i didnt give away my fireworks magic in a game of cute or boot cuz that girl wanted tron instead anyways gosh. and im going to miss the halloween costumes and events. they think their so smart i have another computer to log onto anyways!!!! ahahahahahah blast them!!!! and i got a sparrow suit waiting for me to come back.

  8. VMK HATER says:


  9. VMK's Acewildcatdnace says:

    My friend that i know in real wanted to give me her number an staff ban her or 20 years! I go on vmk but u never see staff any were. They try to canp out1 they dont even talk to pals really! I <3 it i just try to like it and Halloween today

  10. Ryan says:

    Arrr Vmk plz let me back on vmk im sad i really hearted you vmk staffs :( – cries –

  11. Ryan says:

    omg!! i cant believe i got banned from vmk for doing a falling chairs win stitch hat i had one but i do not like to wear one please vmk let me back on!!

  12. Leena says:

    yea Ryan vmk is mean did it happen on halloween?

  13. Ryan says:

    vmk was the best Now It Socks!! to high to low i will tell you my story about what happened to this mean girl

  14. Ryan says:

    ok it was this girl named bestdvc on vmk and she was mean to me and once she had free stuff leaving vmk and she did not have free stuff so she boot peeps in line when ever they move up her name on vmk used to be DVCBeachGirl and i got out of line and i told everyone to report her and bestdvc said No!!

  15. Marty Mcfly says:

    Will You Just Shut Up!! Ryan!! Everyone Say That To Ryan!

  16. Ryan says:

    Omg!! your mean on vmk I will report you Marty. hah your mean. I Hate You Stupid Marty!!

  17. Ryan says:

    Omg Vmk Staff I Hate You!! (sorry) (patience Ryan) :]

  18. John Frost says:

    Alright. Since you can’t seem to play nice. I’m having to close the comments on this post.

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