Star Wars 7,8,9?

This is slightly off topic. Except for wondering when the Star Tours attraction film will be updated, there really is little way of sliding Star Wars in under the Disney banner. That said, here’s an interesting interview with Mark Hamill, yes Luke Skywalker himself, where he talks about episodes 7, 8, and 9. The third trilogy. George Lucas has said he’s not interested in filming these, but he obviously had plans to at one time.

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346 thoughts on “Star Wars 7,8,9?

  1. Jag-X

    Sorry, I’m gone too… I think the DarkSide has won you over… You are a fallen Jedi, a Sith, a Dark Jedi. You are a disgrace to the NEW JEDI ORDER. You have joined this Sith heresy you are now Darth Cory…

    But as I go riding off into the dual sunset (of Tatooine) I feel there just might be hope for you yet, there is still good in you turn away from the DarkSide. It is apperent to me now that I nor Mike nor Johny 45 and others could save you from SuperShadows lies of power and wealth and a fictional 3rd trilogy…

    I’m sorry I failed you young Cory.

    turn away.

    and as for the rest of you


  2. Cory

    Hence fourth I shall be knows as Darth Boone cousin of Darth Maul. I shall get my Revenge for the Death of my cousin.

  3. zoomlord

    I think Cory must be pulling our legs. It’s impossible to think that anyone could go to Mickie Suttle’s fantasy site and believe it.
    I caught onto it my first visit there, as im sure others did. In fact, I sent the guy numerous messages to write me back or to post a message or 2 and nothing shows on his site, good legitimate starwars stuff that never appeared there. Unless of course, Cory
    is Supershadow, hiding in the shadows, like Sidious. (LOL)

  4. Cory

    Guys this might sound weird and imposible but I keep having Star Wars: Episode 7,8,9 dreams every night. In one of my dreams lucas mentions the Sequel Trilogy to some old man saying I’m lying to my fans so they belive I’m done with Star Wars when I surprise them in 15 years with another Star Wars Episode. I sware guys I’m not making this up cause I despretly want the Sequels(which I do) but thats what happend in one dream.

  5. StormTrooper#TK421

    Mr.Cory (I’m assuming your a dude) I don’t think you have all your monkey’s in an order.(course thats just mine, AND EVERYBODY ELSE’S OPINION) but hey whatever floats your boat, darth boone? what? is he one of SuperShadow’s characters or whats the deal?

  6. Cory

    Stormtrooper. No of course not. Darth Boone is a new Sith lord that I thought of maybe that would be good for a Star Wars tv show set 1000 years before Episode I-The Phantom Menace.Darth Boone is my creation but would possibly never work because techniqly I’m not licensed by Lucasfilm or ILM to use my creation. All Star Wars characters and creatures are a property of Lucasfilm and ILM hence trademark and logo. He is Darth Maul’s cousin but is a different species from Darth Maul. Picture a Sith lord that is wearing the same clothes as Darth Maul but has green colored skin like the wicked witch of the west from Wizard of Oz, He has a Zorro hat, and you know jaws from the 007 james bond movies? yeah he has a metal mouth like just like jaws. He wears a metal vest with spikes across his chest. He has 2 holdsters on his hips and carries 2 lethal lightsabers and he seeks revenge for the death of his cousin Darth Maul. This would be good for a Star Wars show set inbetween the 10 years from Episode I-The Phantom Menace leading up to Episode II-Attack of the Clones. Obi-Wan kills Darth Boone in the 10 years Obi-Wan trains Anakin. So Darth Boone fails to avenge his cousin but his vengence lives on and is display in Episode III-Revenge of the Sith. After Darth Boone is killed thats when Darth Sideous takes on his next apprentice Darth Tyrannus(Count Dooku). So that is Darth Boone my creation.

  7. Cory

    I forgot to add that Darth Boone had long black dirty hair in a pony tail and has black clothes like his cousin.

  8. Jedi Battle Trooper

    I am the acting Jedi commander of the New Republic Military at your service. You can call me “Commander Star” or “Jedi Star” or even “Battle Trooper”, I am also the leading Jedi of the New Republic Battle Trooper Squad Alpha.

    Um I think the whole deal with Darth Maul getting revenge on Jedi Kenobi is about already done because if you go on the “official” StarWars website and look for the books or comics (I don’t remember which) you will see that they are about to release a book or comic telling about Kenobi’s reunion with Darth maul on Tatooine after Episode III, and whats really cool is that Darth Maul from the waist down is all robot!!! The cover looked realy cool!!!

    before I go, SUPERSHADOW IS NOT REAL!!!

    for some of you who may beleive in him…

  9. Cory

    Yes I know Darth Maul had his Revenge why do you think Episode III is titled “REVENGE OF THE SITH?” But I was talking about a Sith lord idea that I came up with. I’m talking about Darth Boone his cousin and a new sith lord idea that would be for a tv set inbetween the 10 years of Episode I-The Phantom Menace and Episode II-Attack of the Clones. Like maybe 5 years after The Phantom Menace but 5 years before Episode Attack of the Clones. Yes I know already that Supershadow is REAL!!!! DU!

  10. zoomlord

    Say Cory, heres an idea for you: At there is a fan fiction section.
    Why dont you write your Darth Boone story and post it there, alot of people will read it, rate it and give you feedback. And maybe while you are there you can read some of the other stuff other fans have submitted, theres some good stuff there. Also once again
    check out “Journal of the whills”, its required reading if your a real hardcore fan,
    e-mail me if you need more info on that. BTW, the Supershadow ribbing is gonna happen, get used to it!

  11. zoomlord

    Here ya go Cory: Go to, note the “Z” instead of an “s”, then go to the Starkiller:The Jedi Bendu script site. There you will find all the answers you seek.

  12. Battle Trooper

    starwarz… um is that even as good as the original, and do you know that it is an act of congress to get a fan fiction thingy posted..

  13. Cory

    Its all true about the STAR WARS: SEQUEL TRILOGY. STAR WARS Episodes VII,VIII,IX already have titles.


    All this is true according to George Lucas himself.

  14. Johny45

    I don’t know what Battle Trooper is talking about but I do know that is as he put it “an act of congress” to put any fan fiction on

  15. Cory

    I didn’t write that post after I said,”Thanks I will check it out” post. Someone must of wrote that post about the sequel trilogy and impersonating me. I sware I’m tired of all this Sequel Trilogy talk. If it happens it happens I’m just going to wait out untill 2014 and if it nothing happens then I’m convinced its over.

  16. Jag-X

    Um my last post was deleted or something because I posted after Johny45 and before Cory and I was saying that supershadow isn’t real (which is the truth) and cory if that post wasn’t yours than why are the E-mail addresses the same?

    I’m not being mean I am just curious, You don’t have to answer if you don’t want too.
    After all we are still Starwars fans and we shouldn’t turn on each other (except maybe SuperShadow)


  17. Cory

    Jag-X its very strange but the message was written on Sept. 30, 2005 at 11:59 AM. I was actually still at college in my class when that message was written. Jag-X believe me that message I didn’t write. I’m through talking about the Sequel Trilogy. Like I said if it happens it happens and if not then its over. I just want to get on with my life. There is more important things in life then Star Wars. I am looking foward to the 2 Star Wars tv shows but I’m really done with talk of Episodes VII-IX and supershadow. Thanks

  18. David

    SUPERSHADOW HIRED BY LUCASFILM! Read em and weep boyz

    Perks and Benefits associated with SuperShadow’s Employment with Lucasfilm
    George Lucas has hired SuperShadow as a high-paid consultant regarding future projects of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. SS will be involved in writing the scripts and help creating the films all the way through the film making process. The employment contract is ten years in duration with an option by Lucasfilm to extend the employment contract another ten years if so needed.

    Monthly Salary: $ 43,577 per month; Annual Total: $ 522,924

    Automobile Provided by Lucasfilm: 2006 Lincoln Navigator (Valued at $ 54,380)

    Vacation Time: 8 weeks paid vacation

    Housing Arrangement: Lucasfilm rents a home for SuperShadow at $ 1,200 per month. All utilities, power and water bills to be paid by Lucasfilm.

    Health Insurance: Full Coverage With All Expenses Paid By Lucasfilm

    Food Vouchers: Unlimited access to all Lucasfilm restaurants at no charge. All meals are paid for by Lucasfilm.

    Secretarial Support: Lucasfilm is to provide one secretary and one personal assistant for SuperShadow.

    Yacht and Corporate Jet Access: Free use of the Yacht and Jet owned by Lucasfilm when the Yacht and Jet are not being used for official business.

    Gym Privileges: Lucasfilm will pay all gym dues for the workout facility of SuperShadow’s choosing.

  19. Johny45

    Do you seriesuosly beleive all this stuff?
    No one, not even the most popular movie stars get that kinda treatment. HE’S A LYING CABINET MAKER NOT THE PRESIDENT!!! Please tell me you don’t actually beleive this. I bet George Lucas doesn’t even know him. I also don’t think Lucas would give that much treatement to his own children!!
    Next SuperShadow will be saying he is the long lost son of George Lucas (I wouldn’t put it past him)Haven’t you heard they have so much proof that SuperShadow isn’t who he says he is that SS wouldn’t be able to fool a 2 year old. I hate to point it out but I think that you got faulty information.

  20. zoomlord

    Ah hah!!!!! David is Superstupid! oops I mean Supershadow!!!!!
    It would also appear that there is a repeat of a thread that cory made when cory was brainwashed by Suttle, so cory is still innocent, the dark side is gone. Btw, Check out supershadow on the myfriends site, it only gets funnier by the day. He’s a close friend of Lucas, but then he says its a dream he has to meet him. After he reads this im sure he will change it so move fast!

  21. Cory

    Guys Mickey Suttle can do what ever likes it will be a matter of time before Lucasfilm and GL shuts supershaodows website permenatly. I’m just want to look foward to meeting a nice girl on right one),college, video games, getting my Nintendo DS for Christmas. When GL releases the boxset of all 6 Star Wars movies I will get the boxset. I looking foward to Star Wars: Dark Times(working title) and the animated Star Wars tv shows. I just wanted to put all the talk on the Sequel Trilogy behind me and if it happens it happens. I will hold the Episodes VII,VIII,IX in my heart untill the day I die. Thats all I can really do.

  22. Jag-X

    Cory, I was wrong forgive me. So a darklord of the Sith(no doubt a follower of the SuperShadow heresy) possed to be you and ruined your good Jedi identity. I am sorry that I didn’t beleive you. I am sure the rest of the Jedi counsel apologizes for their misgivings. (the darkside has clouded our judgement in these days) So excepted back into the rank of Jedi Knight you are. Clouding our judgement the darkside was.

    Jedi Cory… May the Force Be With YOU!

    (unless of course this is a plot of SuperShadow)

  23. Cory

    Besides I personally think if the Star Wars tv show ratings are high and cashing in GL and Lucasfilm employees will sit down one day at a corporate meeting and discuss the future of Star Wars and someone will really nudge lucas really hard headed to get VII,VIII,IX out of him and made. Any way I looking forward to 2006 when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are released for the Nintendo DS.

  24. Cory

    Besides I personally think if the Star Wars tv show ratings are high and cashing in GL and Lucasfilm employees will sit down one day at a corporate meeting and discuss the future of Star Wars and someone will really nudge lucas really hard headed to get VII,VIII,IX out of him and made. Any way I looking forward to 2006 when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are released for the Nintendo DS.

  25. Cory

    Besides I personally think if the Star Wars tv show ratings are high and cashing in GL and Lucasfilm employees will sit down one day at a corporate meeting and discuss the future of Star Wars and someone will really nudge lucas really hard headed to get VII,VIII,IX out of him and made. Any way I looking forward to 2006 when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are released for the Nintendo DS.

  26. Tushar Mahajan

    George Lucas my master please continue with your star wars series because it is my world I beg you to make Episode 7 8 9
    Because it give me power and enthusiasm

  27. Battle Trooper

    Get up off the floor, you are embarresing yourself by graveling to George Lucas Who isn’t even here. The Great one gets angry at pitiful sights of graveling people begging for him to continue. StarWars fans ask, we don’t beg (unless it would actually change his mind then throw yourelves to the floor and beg!) But come on gentle men (and ladies)there is more to life than StarWars. Liking tearing down the evil Raining lord of the sith lyer Darth SuperShadow! He can’t wrap StarWars fans around his fingers like he was emperror palpetine. Think Free StarWars Fans, Think Free!

  28. Cory

    I have learned that once supershadow leads your towards his dark path of falsefication and blindness of the truth forever will your destiny be dominated by the dark side thats why if 7,8,9 happen it will be by Mr. Lucas’s ingenious work not by the work of a wanna be Star Wars film maker who makes kitchen cabinates for a living in Hikory NC. Let us enjoy Star Wars as it is not tampered by deception.

  29. Zoomlord

    David, it should be a concern that you would believe anything that Superstupid has to say.
    Its also would appear to be a possibility that you are Supershadow. Its a known fact that he belongs to many boards such as this. If in fact you are a friend of supershadow, than invite him here to explain to us all that he is not a hopeless loser and that in his spare time not making cabinets as he states on the myspace site-( that he has all the time in the world to make a movie.

  30. David

    Hahahaha I did ask him that your wrong and he says you are just jealous and you are the lkoser who cant get posted on his site! that is what he saidf not me

  31. Johny45

    You can’t be serious… David do you sit at home in a corner and think this stuff up or what? Wow everybody!! SuperShadow has actually directed a comment to us, I feel so special!(sarcasm) I’m starting to think there are a few people running around claiming to be SuperShadow and not just one person. SuperShadow is a lyer, everyone can telll you that. I haven’t seen anything about him on anything that has to do with George Lucas, Have you noticed that all the Information about him comes from either him or his (oh goodness) fans. But Lucas nor the big guys haven’t even said a word about him. All the info comes from him and his fans. doesn’t that make you even the tinyest bit suspiciuos…

    Super Sgadow isn’t real-get over it.

  32. Zoomlord

    Yep, I can see it now in the headlines- “Young Cabinetmaker discovered by George Lucas is ghost writer for Starwars movies”
    HA HA HA!!!!Then I will believe!!!!! And then Godzilla will appear, die, turn to oil and the gas prices will fall for 100 years!
    Oh yeah, David tell Supertard Zoomlord send his regards since he dosent have the nads to contact me direct.

  33. Zoomlord

    Here is my evidence that Suttle is a little liar: On his site he says there is no existing footage of General Greivous Killing Jedi Shaak-Ti. Well im here to tell you there is. All one has to do is E-mail me and I will be happy to send a still to you just to show that he has no connection to Lucasfilm. The footage by the way will be included on the DVD.

  34. Mike

    I noticed that myself Zoomlord! I saw that posting but I had already seen pics of Grievous killing her in a magazine. So I knew that not only was he a liar (obvious) but that he didn’t even really know all that much about Star Wars. I’ve seen him make that mistake a lot, answering questions wrong when all he had to do was look in a magazine.

  35. Cory

    hey guys whats up I’ve been busy with college so I havn’t had the time to talk. Hay can I ask you guys I question? Jag-X or david maybe you might know. When GL released Episode IV,V,VI on dvd in november last year, the bonus dvd that came in the boxset, during the commentary didn’t GL or Rick Mccallum at all mention 9 Star Wars movies? Cause another Star Wars fan mention somethine like that? Thanks May the Force be with you.

  36. Cory

    Want to here something messed up? I tought my 6 year old brother the whole Star Wars saga and he recites them. I say STAR WARS then I say the the Episode number and the title.

    He says WARS
    He says A NEW HOPE
    He finally says VICTORY OF THE FORCE

  37. Jag-X

    Super Shadow will you give me an Icecream?
    No but he will give you a cabinet (at probably rediculuos priceses) Super Shadow is going to do 7 8 9 (George Lucas just doesn’t remember that he asked Super Shadow to continue making one of the largest franchise movie series in the world thats all) Who knows maybe Super Shadow shuck into George Lucas’s Bedroom (breaking and entering) and gave him the ideas of how to make his previous movies. Didn’t it turn out that he was wrong on like all the detail on the then not releassed episode 1. Super Shadow is a fake, a con, a lier, must I go on? Every time Super Shadow says something he ends up bringing up more proof that he is a lier. He can’t even keep his stories straight. We will wait and see if Super Shadow is who he says he is. While the SS sit at home in their starwars Pajama’s, the rest of us who know SS is a fake will go out and make a life for ourselves.

    May the Force be with You!
    (except SuperShadow and his fans)

  38. Jag-X

    Hold up, first off for the first Corys Question; I did watch the Bonus dvd that came with the DVD set of the origianl trilogy (awesome) and no I can almost assure you there was nothing about 9 episodes.

    I could be wrong but again I am pretty sure that there was nothing in them about 9 episodes.

    Second off the second Cory comment
    I don’t know if this is Cory or the “other Cory” (and I really don’t care) haven’t you heard Super Shadow is not real. and I am starting to think those names of the so called “7 8 9” are staring to look stupider everytime I see them. Episode VII The Fallen Hero, Episode VIII The Republic In Crisis, and Episode IX Victory Of The Force… Those are stupid names and I think they lack that special StarWars touch, Quit absessing over them too, thats just freaky.
    Every time anyone says those names they make a sequel trilogry sound so unapealling. I don’t even want it done if it is going to have those names

    May the Force be with You!

  39. Cory

    Hey Jag-x no this is the orginal cory. The one turned from the lightside of the force. I happen to think THE FALLEN HERO and VICTORY OF THE FORCE are good names but I don’t know about the THE REPUBLIC IN CRISIS thats sounds silly. Any way how was your day? good? Have good night then. bye

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